The Creation Superstore



You’ve made it to the largest origins-related store in the world! The Creation Superstore is a cut above most stores, providing you with someone who is there to help you. Feeling overwhelmed about which DVD to order? Just call us at 931-212-7990 and talk to someone about your question. Need something special like a bulk discount for your Sunday-School or church library? We can work with you. Founded by David Rives Ministries (of the TV show Creation in the 21st Century, and the Genesis Science Network), we are the official store for many of the products you’ll find here. We also carry over 2,000 books and videos from other ministries, and pride ourselves on having extremely low prices and low shipping costs. We want you to think of us as family. If you’re looking for Homeschool resources, Fossils and Replicas, Jewelry, DVDs, Books, audio dramas, or ANYTHING related to creation science and how it fits with Biblical history, you’ve come to the right place!
God bless,
David, Murry, Kayla, Halie, and the entire crew here at the Creation Superstore & Gift Shop