Dr. Kevin Anderson

David Rives and Dr. Kevin Anderson of the Creation Research Society at the Wonders Center in Lewisburg, TN, the museum and television studios of David Rives Ministries.

Dr. Kevin Anderson is famous for his work on soft tissue in dinosaur bones. Previously the Director of the Van Andel Creation Research Center (the headquarters of the Creation Research Society), Dr. Anderson passed away on January 16th, 2022 from complications arising from Covid. He is survived by his children and his wife, Diane.

Kevin was invited multiple times onto “CREATION with David Rives” to speak with David about issues regarding dinosaurs. David Rives Ministries produced several videos with Kevin Anderson and David Rives, including “The Real Origin of Species” and “Paleontological Paradox” as well as many more.

Kevin received his Ph.D. in microbiology from Kansas State University, and was a professor at Mississippi State. He has worked as a research microbiologist for the United States Department of Agriculture, and has written more than 20 papers in scientific journals. Dr. Kevin Anderson previously functioned as the Editor-in-chief of the CRSQ, (the Creation Research Society Quarterly).

David Rives worked closely with the Creation Research Society and Dr. Anderson on the documentary “Echoes of the Jurassic”. David would go on to host and narrate, as well as lead promotional and marketing campaigns for this award-winning documentary.

Kevin is the author of the book “Echoes of the Jurassic” which is a compliment to the documentary by the same name.

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