I believe in the Flood...buy why no human fossils? - by David Rives

I believe in the Flood…but why no human fossils? -by David Rives

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Why don’t we see any human fossil remains from the flood?

This is a question I get many times from Christians. Not atheists—we’ll get to the reason for that later…

It really is a legitimate question, so let me rephrase it a different way: The catastrophic flood of Noah’s day ended up burying almost every living thing at the time. That would have included the human population living in the 2300’s BC, obviously except for the 8 people on the ark.

So where are all the human skeletons?

There’s no doubt we find a ton of marine fossils almost everywhere we look. Whether Crinoids in my backyard of Tennessee, or coral on the tallest mountains in the world, there’s clearly been a lot of water in earth’s past. Then we go to places like Colorado, Germany, and Argentina and find giant dinosaurs encased in rock. We find land mammals buried in the exposed rock layers of Texas and California as well as many other places.

Then we get to humans.

We’ve got a few garbage bags full of bones total for all the humans that seem to have existed more than four thousand years ago. Even if you include the bones from all the ape-like creatures that secular anthropologists say evolved into humans, they don’t add too many specimens.

Let’s think about how this works

When the fountains of the great deep broke open, it would have stirred up mud and sent waves of sloshy sediment across continents.

  • The first thing to get buried would be sea creatures in the pre-flood oceans; becoming trapped in the mud. Like I said, we find plenty of those.
  • Next, the waves and sediment would have washed onto the shore and started rising, burying all of the creatures living in marshes and lowlands. That was probably the end of a lot of the dinosaurs and amphibious creatures.
  • The water continued to rise until many land mammals on the upper continents could no longer run.

But what about the humans? Well, sometimes we don’t act very intelligently, but we’re still a lot more reasoning and logical than any animal. Humans obviously don’t live underwater, so they would have already been living in areas higher than pre-flood sea level. They’ve got an advantage right there. Then, you can bet when water began to rise, they would have climbed as high as they could…

Then they would have floated for as long as possible.

They may have survived for a short while by grabbing floating logs and driftwood. But with all of the marine creatures swimming near the surface of the water to get away from the mud, there would be some really large predator animals feeding on bodies. When the humans couldn’t survive any longer, they would have died and floated on the water’s surface.

The sad fact is that a lot of them bloated when they died, floating on top of the water as they decayed. Their bones would have scattered as they sank to the bottom of the water, making it hard to find complete human skeletons. And because many of the sinking bones would have landed on top of most of the flood sediments, fossilization wouldn’t take place because it requires burial.

Floatation Devices

One of the most obvious reasons humans would have survived longer than animals is often overlooked but might be the most basic.

Because God gave Noah the instructions on how to build an enclosed ship that would survive the flood we somehow get the impression that no one had ever built a canoe, raft, or any floating vessel before the flood.
That’s not indicated in the Biblical record. They were highly civilized and more than likely knew how to build small structures (boats) that floated on lakes or bodies of water.

What Would You Do?

So if you started to see the waters rise and had been listening for years to some man named Noah talk about a great flood… wouldn’t you climb on board the nearest boat or even a crudely constructed raft to try and wait out the flood?

You might have survived for days longer than the animals, maybe even weeks. But the volcanic activity and the tremendous amounts of salt deposition from sediment erosion would have made the sea waters undrinkable…

Dehydration would set in.

And tsunami-like waves begin washing over the continents capsizing small floating boats or rafts.

To make the problem of finding human remains even worse, it appears that a lot of the last layers of the flood to be deposited where human skeletons would have settled were mud. And, over most of the earth, these layers were immediately washed into ocean basins as the floodwaters began to recede—taking much of the human remains with it.

This top layer quick erosion is confirmed by recent geological research, but very little archaeology has been done underwater to uncover human remains.


  • The fact is, we are more resilient and creative in the face of catastrophe than most animals, meaning we are probably the last to die during a global deluge.
  • Humans would have been in the top layers, and many of the human remains were swept away, broken apart, or scattered during the flood. That’s actually logical. Even most dinosaur remains are also scattered and disarticulated.
  • The majority of human skeletons we find today are from after the flood, and that is to be expected if the Biblical history is correct.

This is a Bigger Puzzle for the Evolutionists

If modern humans have been evolving from ape-like ancestors for the past few million years, then there’s a giant problem!

In fact, there is a 5 billion-skeleton problem. There should be at least 5 billion individuals who have lived and died over that time, and that means that the fossil record should show millions of skeletons of human and almost-human remains.

Guess what we find?

A single bag of bones. That’s right, a few hundred specimens, mostly incomplete.

Remember, I told you there was a reason that atheists don’t bring up the lack of human fossils? It’s because this truth is powerful evidence that goes against their humanist religion of chance.

There simply hasn’t been enough time for evolution to occur, and that should be expected. That’s what the Bible told us all along.

I’m David Rives… Truly, The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

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  1. What an excellent explanation of why no human bones as I have wondered about this for years!!
    Thanks so much!
    Ooltewah, Tn.

  2. I think that Pangaea did exist and that this land broke apart when the fountains of the deep began to break apart the land mass, creating the continents that exist today.

  3. Dear David,
    This was by far the most extensive, yet easy-to-understand treatment of such an obvious question I have ever read. No kidding! Thank you for clarifying in detail the scientific and logical (as if those two were separate!) reasons for the lack of human fossils after the flood.
    It may be that others have decided its just too elementary to spend a lot of time on, but discussing it in depth, as you have done, even one time is going to end a lot of doubts, and may foster faith in the Flood, and the God Who sent it forth.
    God bless you, David. Well done, son!

  4. Hi David,

    Very interesting article and makes a whole lot of sense. Can you elaborate more in a future emailing on why more human skeletons – Post flood – aren’t found. Maybe they are – but just never hear much about that – especially for empires that were dominant for very long periods. You hear the archaeologist get excited about finding a single royal tomb and it’s occupant – but never hear about finding the skeletons of the millions of people that built the tomb and occupied the empires – where did everyone from the ages since the flood disappear to? Thanks for addressing at some point – appreciate all the work you are doing! Blessings!

  5. David rives just want you to know I love the network. I just wish the programs could be shown on secular tv. Although there are many christians who don’t believe in the flood or the age of the earth and need to hear the truth, their are many non believers who don’t know the truth but would never turn on a christian program. I pray the Lord opens up many many doors to the secular world for this network to proclaim the truth of Gods word. God bless.

  6. Who says some of the human bones they find where not of those destroyed in the flood? You cannot tell if someone drown by their bones. Carbon dating is flawed. They (archaeologist) are finding ancient civilization that were before “modern” ancient civilization. In the book Forbidden Archaeology they have found signs of human activity in the “layers” where crustaceans and dinosaurs are found.

  7. Excellent explanation.
    Thank you also for “Creation in the 21st Century” TV program. I look forward to watching each week.

  8. Love this article. I was in third grade when my teacher said we have to learn evolution. I raised my hand, stood up and said, “God created the world.” She told me the school system told her , she has to teach it. Now I’m 70 years old. There you have it, the slow decline of civilization.

  9. Wow! Thank you for this scenario, David! Many ideas I never thought of. An intelligent, total picture of the people who did NOT accept Noah’s “offer”. What a blessing we have in our Lord and Savior! He is risen—risen indeed!

  10. For creationists who hold dinosaurs died during the flood rather a meteorite/asteroid or whatever hit the earth, would Noah not take dinosaurs on the ark and if not why not? Or if he did how did they then become extinct?

  11. Not sure why, but in almost 44 years, I never even thought about human remains.
    I have thought about the antediluvian world, mythical creatures, and civilizations that would’ve been destroyed by the flood, but human remains never came to mind.

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