Jim Bendewald, filmmaker, Evidence Press

Jim Bendewald is a filmmaker known for his work as director of “Echoes of the Jurassic“, a documentary hosted by David Rives and produced by the Creation Research Society exploring the existence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones, indicating a catastrophic recent extinction event for the dinosaurs.

James is the director of Evidence Press, which has produced a number of Christian films. The well-known “Battles” series produced by Jim Bendewald includes “DNA Battles” “Earth Battles” and “Universe Battles” each one including expert interviews on the topic, including Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Danny Faulkner, David Rives, and others.

He is also author of the book “Evolution Shot Full of Holes” written by Jim Bendewald and Frank Sherwin.

Jim has a Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Washington, and his Masters from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife have one daughter. Today, Bendewald operates his ministry, Evidence Press, out of Wisconsin.