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  • The Hunters and the Hunted DVD

    The Hunters and the Hunted | DVD | Mike Snavely | Mission: Imperative!


    Creation is not a science theory.  You cannot put the concept to the test in the laboratory.  Creation ex nihilo (from nothing) is a biblical assertion.  Christians believe it for two reasons: 1) Because it’s what the Bible teaches regarding how God brought things into being, and 2) There is a vast amount of evidence for it.  Romans 1:20 tells us so.  Nature itself speaks so clearly that there is no excuse if we can’t see the evidence for creation all around us.  Nature tells us that there indeed was a designer, and the Bible tells us what that creator wants us to know about Him.

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  • Aunt Lucy? DVD

    Aunt Lucy? | Hominids, Apemen, and Other Fables | DVD | Mike Snavely | Mission: Imperative!


    There are no scientific laboratory models that indicate Darwinian evolution has ever occurred, or that it is even possible.  Therefore, the only other source that could possibly verify the theory would be the fossil record – – – literally, solid evidence!

    For the fossil record to validate Darwinian evolution, we would have to find fossils of transitional forms; that is, fossils indicating a creature that is perhaps half-evolved from one kind into another kind.  And there should be countless examples of them if this process has been going on for billions of years!  After all the dust settles, there are only a handful that can even be considered as “candidates”.

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  • The Pillars of Evolution DVD

    The Pillars of Evolution | DVD | Mike Snavely | Mission: Imperative!


    A theory is a set of organized statements which attempt to explain something.  Darwinian evolution is a scientific theory.  That’s because it’s falsifiable.  In other words, it can be critiqued; observations can be made and conclusions drawn – based, of course, on the accepted rules of the scientific process.  Any science theory must be tested, and the rules of the test phase are that it must be demonstrable, observable, and repeatable

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  • The Mystery of the Dinosaurs DVD

    The Mystery of the Dinosaurs | DVD | Mike Snavely | Mission: Imperative!


    Across all age lines, the subject of dinosaurs has captured the imagination of many people.  So has the evolutionary account of their existence.  This is the version that appears in schools, TV programs, books, movies and museums, and is therefore widely accepted – even by many who claim to believe the Scriptures.  It relies on the “millions of years” scenario to explain the mystery of the dinosaurs’ existence and disappearance.

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  • The Horror of the Flood DVD

    The Horror of the Flood | DVD | Mike Snavely | Mission: Imperative!


    “If an event as cataclysmic as a global flood (and its implications) was ignored, for any reason, major errors or misunderstandings would creep into science and society” ~ Dr. Walt Brown

    Indeed, many such misunderstandings have in fact crept in, such as evolutionary explanations for geological features (fossils, strata layers, mountain ranges, etc.).  But, these very features speak of a rapid catastrophe, not slow processes.

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  • The Return To Genesis DVD

    The Return To Genesis DVD | Mike Snavely | Mission: Imperative!


    The book of Genesis (particularly the first twelve chapters) is critically important to the Bible and to the Christian world view. Why? Because in it we find the record not only of God’s definitive creative events, but also the information about the whole “creation model”.

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  • The Evolution Song | DVD | David Rives


    Today, everywhere we turn, we are bombarded with the theories of evolution. Whether from schoolbooks or educational television, our children are being taught that they are nothing more than apes.

    While this is a very serious issue, an entertaining use of comedy and music sometimes relays the ridiculous nature of these theories the best.

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    Wonders Without Number | Created with Purpose or Conceived from Chaos? | Book | David Rives

    $14.95 $17.95

    WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER – Created with Purpose or Conceived from Chaos.

    As we witness the indescribable beauty of our Creator’s Universe and consider the wonders of His creation, we begin to understand that empirical science, that which can be proven, in no way contradicts the words of scripture.

    In contrast to what evolutionary science teaches, we are not highly developed animals, the product of random chance. Just as the heavens and Earth were carefully designed, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by a loving God

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  • The Heavens Declare the Glory of God | DVD | David Rives


    Together with Biblical facts, scientific theory, a musical background and spectacular video graphics, this exciting and informative video production provides an unforgettable experience as we view the handiwork of our Creator. This educational DVD provides you with a firm Biblical foundation to stand upon as we are continually faced with lies concerning our universe.

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  • In The Beginning | Creation According to Genesis | DVD | David Rives


    In the Beginning Creation According to Genesis DVD tackles tough issues. A must have if you want to learn more about the Creator and His awesome creation.

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