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    Is the Big Bang Biblical? | Book | John Morris | ICR

    Geologist and author John Morris, President of the Institute for Creation Research, if often asked a host of questions about how our world came to be. In this book, he answers a hundred of the most common questions, and the variety of topics will excite readers of all ages.
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    Galapagos Islands: A Different View | Book | Dr. Georgia Purdom | AIG


    Join author Dr. Georgia Purdom for an exciting adventure through the Galápagos Islands with this beautiful, full-color book. Gain new insights into the science and history of the islands from a biblical perspective!

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    Universe by Design | Book | Dr. Danny Faulkner | AIG


    An Exploration of Cosmology and Creation

    The Universe was created with purpose and reason; and modern science with all of its experiments, exploration, and sophistication has never proven otherwise.  In fact, as author Dr. Danny Faulkner makes plain, advanced science argues more created cosmology than a big bang.  Written for the well-read layman, Universe by Design explores the universe, explaining its origins and discussing the historical developments of cosmology from a creationist viewpoint.

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    The Ultimate Proof of Creation | Book | Dr. Jason Lisle | ICR


    It’s a bold title: The Ultimate Proof of Creation. But is there such a thing? There are many books that contain seemingly powerful arguments for biblical creation. But is there an ultimate proof of creation?

    There is an argument for creation that is powerful, conclusive, and has no true rebuttal. As such, it is an irrefutable argument-an “ultimate proof” of the Christian worldview biblical creation. Master the method outlined in the following chapters, and you will be able to defend Christianity against all opposition.

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  • stargazers-guide-to-the-night-sky

    The Stargazer’s Guide To The Night Sky | Book | Dr. Jason Lisle | ICR


    Explore the night sky, identify stars, constellations, and even planets. Stargaze with a telescope, binoculars, or even your naked eye.

    Allow Dr. Jason Lisle, a research scientist with a masters and PhD in astrophysics, to guide you in examining the beauty of God’s Creation with 150 full color star-charts.


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    The Six Days of Genesis | Book | Paul Taylor


    Can we really trust Genesis as the literal history of the world? Many modern scholars and scientists would have you believe that you cannot, but this fascinating expository study by Paul F. Taylor lays all doubts about the authenticity of the Bible to rest. Follow this spellbinding study as Taylor takes you from the Garden of Eden to the Fall to the Table of Nations.

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    The New Answers Book 3 | Book | Ken Ham | AIG


    The New Answers Book 3 gives you the tools to be more effective in defending scriptural authority and the truth of Genesis as literal history.

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    The New Answers Book 2 | Book | Ken Ham | AIG


    Picking up where volume 1 left off, this second volume contains answers to more than 30 questions on creation/evolution and the Bible.

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    The New Answers Book 1 | Book | Ken Ham | AIG


    The NEW Answers Book is packed with biblical answers to over 25 of the most important questions on creation/evolution and the Bible.

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    The Evolution Handbook | Book


    Thousands of scientific facts, disproving every basic area of evolutionary theory.

    A powerful book that is unanswerable.

    • A fascinating book that is easy to read, full of facts most people are not aware of.

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    Taking Back Astronomy | Book | Dr. Jason Lisle | ICR

    $12.75 $16.99

    Taking Back Astronomy

    This wonderful book by Dr. Lisle covers important information known only to a few.

    Stunning photographs. Cutting-edge information. Awe-inspiring facts.

    “This book is meant to be…a starting point to a biblical view of the universe…. Who knows what amazing truths are waiting to be discovered if only the shackles of secular thinking are removed. Now is the time of discovery…”


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    Starlight and Time | Book | Dr. Russell Humphreys | MB


    The Bible teaches that the universe is just thousands of years old, and yet we can see stars that are billions of light-years away. Until now, creation scientists have not had a satisfactory answer to this puzzle, but the cosmology outlined in this book offers a fresh and scientifically sound solution.

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    Science vs. Evolution | Book


    Science vs. Evolution

    A 1,008 page hardcover reference to Science vs. Evolutionary Theory

    The Facts are on one side–The Theories are on the other!

    This magnificent updated volume takes the place of the now out of print 3 volume Encyclopedia – this book has the best of all the material from the 3 volumes with all the illustrations and charts.

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    Our Created Moon | Book | Dr. Don DeYoung & John Whitcomb | MB


    The moon is more than just a rock.

    Glowing, spectacular, constant.

    Earth’s moon has intrigued man since God created it in the beginning. Only recently have we “conquered” it, and still it pulls us, literally and figuratively. Beyond being a beautiful phenomenon, God perfectly placed the moon for many necessary and practical purposes. Our Creator has perfectly and purposely planned it and placed it. Nothing has been left to chance.

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    Don’t Miss The Boat | Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat | Book | Paul Taylor


    There are many thorough books about the Flood, which can often be technically difficult to read. Here at last is a book which is comprehensive in scope, but easy-to-read.

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    Don’t Miss The Boat | DVD | Paul Taylor


    This single DVD contains six (15 min) sessions based on the book “Don't Miss The Boat”.

    • Run Time: 90 min
    • Binding: 1 DVD
    • Speaker: Paul F Taylor
    • Subject Matter: Flood
    • Age Relativity: High School, Adult/College
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    Dismantling the Big Bang | Book | Alex Williams & Dr. John Hartnett | MB


    This powerful resource shows that the big-bang theory cannot explain the universe, but the Bible can, so Christian leaders no longer have reason to insert big-bang theory into Genesis.

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    Destination Moon | Book | Astronaut James Irwin | MB


    The exciting and personal account of one of only twelve men to ever touch the surface of the moon! When astronaut James Irwin gazed at the “blue planet,” his home, from the moon in 1971, he realized that the experience was drawing him closer to the God of his youth.

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    Astronomy and the Bible | Book | Don DeYoung


    This extraordinary book by Dr. DeYoung covers 110 questions on astronomy and the universe.

    After fifteen printings and with over 65,000 copies sold, Astronomy and the Bible has become a trusted resource for parents and teachers. This second edition provides fully updated answers to questions on astronomy and the universe and contains ten new questions. The book's convenient question-and-answer format makes it a practical classroom resource and an ideal book for home schooling.

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    Wonders Without Number | Created with Purpose or Conceived from Chaos? | Book | David Rives

    5.00 out of 5
    $14.95 $17.95

    WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER – Created with Purpose or Conceived from Chaos.

    As we witness the indescribable beauty of our Creator’s Universe and consider the wonders of His creation, we begin to understand that empirical science, that which can be proven, in no way contradicts the words of scripture.

    In contrast to what evolutionary science teaches, we are not highly developed animals, the product of random chance. Just as the heavens and Earth were carefully designed, we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by a loving God

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