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  • By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them | DVD | Russ Miller


    The By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them DVD includes:

    • The Foundations – why “Creation” matters
    • The Evil Fruit of Old-Earth Beliefs
    • False Christ Shall Arise

    All new and updated DVD on the shattering effects of “billions-of -years leading to Darwinism.

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  • Biblical Creation | DVD | Russ Miller


    The Biblical Creation DVD includes:

    • The Foundations – why “Creation” matters
    • Facts Compared to God's Word
    • Microscopic Man; Astronomical God
    • FAQs on Biblical Creation & Darwinism

    All new and updated information on this incredible DVD.

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  • Grand Staircase, Grand Canyon, Mt St. Helens | DVD | Russ Miller


    Grand Staircase, Grand Canyon and Mount St. Helens DVD includes:

    • The Foundations  Why “Creation” matters
    • Block One Studios Award Winning Grand Canyon Film
    • The Six-Day Formation of Grand Canyon and the Grand Staircase
    • On-the-Rim with Russ

    All new and updated DVD series on the geologic formations formed during and after the Global Flood.

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  • It’s About Time | DVD | Russ Miller


    It's About Time DVD includes:

    • The Foundations – Why “Creation” matters
    • An Old Earth or A Global Flood
    • Noah Ark & Dinosaurs
    • What Scripture Says About Creation
    • FAQs on the Age-of-the-Earth

    New and updated information on the Age of the Earth issues and why it is critical to the Christian faith.

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  • Russ Miller 5 DVD Set | by Creation, Evolution and Science Ministries


    This is a 5 pack-multi-DVD set that is loaded with shocking and eye-opening information, that glorifies God and the TRUTH of His Scriptures.

    Updated and revised.  Plus new teachings on Public Schools, Prophecy concerning Creation, Grand Canyon and Grand Staircase information.  This new 5 DVD set includes all five of the CESM “series” DVDs.

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  • The Darwinian Delusion | DVD | Russ Miller


    The Darwinian Delusion DVD Series includes:

    • The Theft of America's Christian Heritage
    • Science vs. Darwinism in the Textbooks
    • Public Education Menticide (the systematic undermining of values and beliefs)

    These seminars are  updated.  Public School Menticide is a brand- new teaching that will shock and inform you about the state of public schools.

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  • The Cost Book

    The Cost | Book | Russ Miller


    The Cost, by Russ Miller covers age of the earth issues, Darwinism, Grand Canyon, evil fruits of old earth beliefs, including the downfall of America’s Christian heritage, the compromised church and much, much more.

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