Dr. Daniel Biddle

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  • 7 Myths That Defy the Historicity of Genesis, Creation and Noah’s Flood | Daniel A. Biddle | Book and DVD | Genesis Apologetics


    This book+DVD combo is ideal for anchoring students in the historical Christian faith before they attend college! 

    Equip your student before sending them to college! Secular colleges—and even many Christian colleges—teach that the Bible is not real history. Today’s students want to know: When does the truth start in the Bible? On the first page? How many pages need to be flipped until truth begins? This book and DVD set supports biblical truth by challenging the 7 Myths that are commonly taught on today’s campuses:

    1. “While the Bible may be ‘inspired,’ by God, it’s not ‘inerrant’ and parts of it are just myth.”
    2. “The Bible’s account of Creation is only metaphorical, the six creation days were not ordinary days, and creation really unfolded over millions of years.”
    3. “Genesis 1 and 2 provide two different accounts of creation.”
    4. “Adam and Eve were not real people, only allegorical figures in the story of human evolution.”
    5. “The Bible’s account of Noah’s Flood is just myth and was drawn from writings from the Ancient Near East.”
    6. “Moses did not actually write the first five books of the Bible.”
    7. “Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago, did not walk with man, and are not mentioned in the Bible.”

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  • Debunking Evolution | Book | Daniel Biddle | Genesis Apologetics


    Virtually all public schools teach evolution as fact, and this takes a serious toll on the faith of many unprepared Christians. The straight-forward account in Genesis provides the true history of Creation, yet so many of today’s youth fall prey to evolution teaching, losing their trust in the Bible and the Christian faith as a result. This book guides the student through the six-lesson program with fill-in-the blanks and commentary for each lesson. The companion DVD includes 12 helpful videos (available online at debunkevolution.com or through Christian retailers) that help students understand the weak foundations of evolution teaching and the strong case for Biblical Creation.

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  • Debunking Human Evolution Book

    Debunking Human Evolution Taught In Our Public Schools Book by Dan Biddle


    Debunking Human Evolution is written by leading Christian scientists, and will help Christian high school and college students solidify their faith.

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  • The True Origin of Human Life DVD Combo

    From Monkey to Man? The True Origin of Human Life DVD Combo | David Rives Ministries


    In, From Monkey to Man? The True Origin of Human Life DVD Combo, learn the ‘rest of the story’ about human evolution and true origin of human life.

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  • Genesis as History: Biblical and Scientific Evidence that Genesis Presents the Truth about Earths History | Daniel A. Biddle | Book |Genesis Apologetics


    One book that contains the most convincing evidence that Genesis is real history!
    This is an ideal single resource for today’s high school or college student to prepare them for evolution teaching in public school. The book of Genesis describes an all-powerful God creating the heavens, earth, sea, and everything in them in just six days. God Himself even wrote this on the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:11). The genealogies in Genesis go straight back to Adam, spanning only about 6,000 years of history. Is this really what the Genesis account teaches, or is this just one of many possible interpretations? How do we know that we can even trust the Bible and its transmission over centuries? Does radiometric dating prove that the earth is billions of years old? How do the dinosaurs fit into the Bible? Does the fossil record show that humans evolved from ape-like creatures over millions of years

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