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  • The "Exploring" 8 Book Series

    The “Exploring” 8 Book Series

    ID: e8bs
    $99.98 $118.92

    This bundle includes Exploring the World of Chemistry, Exploring Planet Earth, Exploring the World of Biology, Exploring the History of Medicine, Exploring the World of Physics, Exploring the World of Astronomy, Exploring the World of Mathematics, and Exploring the World Around You.

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  • Modern Medicine and Ancient Authority | DVD | Dr. Tommy Mitchell | AIG

    ID: 881994003976

    Format: DVD
    Length: 59 minutes
    Technicality: Layman
    Ages: 12 and up

    Is a belief in evolution necessary to be a good doctor? Some have claimed that a physician who rejects the idea of evolution will make bad clinical decisions. Is there a basis for this claim?

    In this important video, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a practicing internist for over 20 years, clearly shows that belief in evolution is not necessary for the proper practice of medicine.

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