21 VERSES BACKED BY SCIENCE – (BIBLE KNOWS BEST) Book by David Rives (3 Copies)

Get 3 copies of David Rives’ book 21 VERSES BACKED BY SCIENCE, taking readers through an examination of the cosmos, human intelligence, and the animal world.


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At this time, this title is only available in packs of 3 copies of the book to use as a witnessing pack.

Author, lecturer, and television host David Rives takes readers through a fascinating and fast-paced examination of the cosmos, human intelligence, earth sciences, and wonders of the animal world.


Did you know that the very origin of time, space, and matter can be found in the very first verse of the Bible? David Rives expertly demonstrates the fact that the Bible is an accurate record of history from beginning to end, and is also extremely accurate when revealing scientific principles that have only recently been discovered by modern science.

What is DNA and what does it tell us about a Designer, God? Who used a Psalm to chart the “Paths of the Sea”? What creature travels 156,000 miles every year? Learn about the miracle system that preserves the tiny hummingbird, and discover the “stretching of the heavens” referenced in the Bible.

Does the BIBLE KNOW BEST, and has it stood the test of time? The answers can be found within the pages of this inspiring book.


Ray Comfort: “Bible Knows Best is a fascinating study of scientific biblical truths, that will strengthen your faith God’s Word.”

Mike Snavely: “The Bible is known as a “religious book”, and therefore contains no scientific knowledge.  Or so it’s thought!  The opposite is actually true.  In this presentation, David Rives reveals with amazing examples and unique photography, how the Bible provided the inspiration for many of the basic scientific discoveries of today!  He shows how simple concepts mentioned all throughout Scripture actually revealed scientific truths!  Truly, the Bible knows best!”

Dr. Chip Colee, Ph.D., President Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes & Family Ministries Foundation: “The content and quality of “Bible Knows Best” is remarkable. David Rives possesses a powerful intellect, combined with the unique gift of presenting complex subject matter in a way that is simple to understand…”

Jay Seegert, Founder of The Starting Point Project: “”Bible Knows Best” focuses on an incredibly important topic… the inspiration and authority of Scripture….I would highly recommend this production for anyone looking to strengthen their faith in the Word of God and be better positioned to witness to those who aren’t quite there yet.”

Russ Miller, President of CESM Ministries: “David Rives employs real science to show the Bible knows best: Word for Word and cover to cover!”

List of Topics covered in the book:

  • Chief Dust of the Earth
  • Do Birds Fly By Our Wisdom?
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
  • The Life of All Flesh
  • Don’t Marry Kin?
  • Break the Pot!
  • Abiogenesis
  • A Spherical Earth, Hanging Upon Nothing
  • Dinosaurs and Behemoth
  • Sea Dragons and Leviathan
  • The Global Flood – A Catastrophic Event
  • Paleontology – Clams in Kansas
  • Giant Fossilized Trees
  • The Age of the Earth – A Matter of Time
  • Underwater Mountains
  • A Natural Process
  • Springs in the Deep
  • The Paths of the Sea
  • The Stretching of the Heavens
  • Contrast: The Bible (Good Science) and Evolution
  • Let’s Jump-Start Discovery
  • Immensity of Space
  • Grandeur of the Cosmos
  • Every House is Built By Someone

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