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Let your child take an exciting, visual journey from Earth’s core to the edge of the outer atmosphere!


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Learn all about the Earth and Space in the Big Book of Earth & Sky

Let your child take an exciting, visual journey from Earth’s core to the edge of the outer atmosphere!

  • Explore the elements that make up the soil, the sea, and the sky.
  • Examine detailed charts and graphs about the earth’s crust, caves, and clouds.
  • Scan facts and figures on weather, mountains, and more, based on the best-selling Wonders of Creation series!

Designed by the creative team that developed the innovative and award-winning Big Book of History, the Big Book of Earth and Sky unfolds as a 15-foot chart. It is removable so it can be viewed either panel-by-panel or hung on the wall as a full-length display.

This case bound volume provides ease of storage for the chart, which is excellent for families, schools, and churches. A teacher’s guide helps bring out additional insights with questions, education activities, and additional readings, all of which enhance this excellent reference tool and help a parent or teacher utilize it within their science curriculum. This stunning chart will pique the interest of children and bring a study of God’s world to brilliant life!

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 14.0 × 8.5 × .6 in



21 pages


Grades 5-8

2 reviews for Big Book of Earth & Sky Book by Bodie Hodge & Laura Welch | MB – Homeschool

  1. There are so many things about this book that I love.

    * I love that it can be used so many ways. I can hang it up as a chart. I can fold it out as a book. I can use a certain segment that pertains to what we are studying. On the cover of the book there is mention of a teacher’s guide. I couldn’t find the teacher’s guide on the site. I did find the page that has study guides for many other Master Books books. I am hopeful that there will eventually be a guide for this book.

    * Like the other Master Books, there is a distinctly Christian worldview in this book. I like that I can trust it as a resource to teach the kids.

    * The book covers so many things. Even though it isn’t a textbook in the traditional sense, it definitely contains enough information to be used in place of one.

    * The bright, colorful illustrations and real photos catch the attention of kids. Because the book is fun to read, kids will read it and learn the information.

    * The way the book is divided into levels based on distance above or below sea level, it is organized in a logical way to facilitate study.

  2. Did you know that delta-wing aircraft borrowed design from a fossil lizard? Or what causes ground lightning? The five different spheres that comprise the atmosphere? That the earth is actually a pear-shaped oblate spheroid? What the tallest mountain on each continent is? Or what a cave pearl is? These are just some of the amazing facts beautifully presented in The Big Book of Earth and Sky. Visually stunning, it is packed with information on earth science: the earth’s atmosphere, geologic formations, ocean life and zones, the science of erosion, fossil fuels, precipitation and much more, all presented in an inviting, child-friendly format.

    Our family is using this incredible resource as a springing-off point for earth science and geography study. One section of the book provides a very interesting study of the layers of the geologic column and a very convincing portrayal of how they were laid down by a catastrophic flood, so that the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian layers (all consisting of ocean creatures and plant life) were laid down first, followed by six more layers, consisting of land plants and animals.

    As the publisher has said elsewhere, our worldview informs our willingness to approach science from a biblical perspective, but for those with an open enough mind to consider these ideas, this is a very plausible explanation for the order of the geologic column.

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