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Most will agree that the Grand Canyon was carved by water. But how and when is where the mystery lies.


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Explore the Grand Canyon!

Exploring the Grand Canyon is a one-of-a-kind adventure. It is a World Heritage Site and one of the most amazing features on the face of the planet. The size and majesty of the Canyon is overwhelming, regardless of how many times you have viewed it, how many trails you have hiked, or how many river miles you have traveled. It is also a mystery!

Most will agree that the Grand Canyon was carved by water. But how and when is where the mystery lies. Was it formed slowly over millions of years or quickly in a catastrophic event? This debate falls into two camps, which hold to vastly divergent worldviews. This True North Guide examines the geological and ecological evidence and lets you decide which of those worldviews is best supported by the data.

  • Contains 26 fold-out pages with maps, special overlook features, and more!
  • Discover the Canyon’s wildlife, vegetation, fossils, geology, and history!

Most visitors to Grand Canyon simply visit the rim overlooks, wishing they had a geologist standing with them to point out and explain what they see. This book is even better than that, because it also includes details of the ecology and history of the Canyon, and you can take it home with you as an ongoing reference, and a wonderful souvenir of your visit. And there is nothing else like it available. Beautifully and thoroughly illustrated with clear and easy-to-read, logical explanations of how the Canyon and its layers formed, it is a must-have companion to everyone’s Grand Canyon visit.

Better still, the authors provide an alternative explanation to the traditional claims that the layers in the Canyon walls and the Canyon carved into them took millions of years of snail-paced geologic processes to form. Instead, they convincingly demonstrate that the evidence indicates that these layers were rapidly deposited in a global flood, and the Canyon was catastrophically carved by its retreating waters. I wholeheartedly endorse this Canyon guide and can’t recommend it highly enough. Read it and you will broaden your understanding of the Canyon and enjoy your Canyon visit more.

– Dr. Andrew Snelling, Geologist

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2 reviews for Your Guide to the Grand Canyon Book by Dennis Bokovoy and Tom Vail | MB – Geology

  1. I’ve read a lot of guides to sightseeing, both about the Grand Canyon and other places, but never have I read one with more drill-down information about the Canyon itself. Interviews with wranglers, excerpts from the 1869 Powell Report, insights about ecology and geology make this book a highly valued resource.

    Best of all, Your Guide to the Grand Canyon presents this wonder of creation as having been formed some 4500 years ago, immediately following Noah’s flood. How refreshing to understand the beauty of this awesome landscape from a Biblical perspective.

  2. When planning a trip to the Grand Canyon last year, I did quite a bit of research. I knew my family would have just a few days to explore and get the most out of our time at the Canyon. How I wish I had known about The True North Series: Your Guide to the Grand Canyon published by Master Books.

    This single book is like having three books in one:
    * A guide to the Grand Canyon’s features and points of interest
    * A book detailing the Biblical perspective on the formation of the Grand Canyon
    * A educational text filled with Science and History

    Designed to be both functional and instructional for those wanting to learn about the Grand Canyon, it contains a treasure of information. Information easy to access and easy to understand. Adding in the beautiful illustrations and fun trivia, you will truly enjoy this book long after your trip to the Canyon.

    Not planning a trip but simply want to learn more about the Grand Canyon? Maybe you homeschool and want to do a unit study. I would recommend picking up a copy of this book.

    Not only will you learn about the features and sites of the Canyon, you’ll also read about…
    * The Hopi tradition of Hoop Dancing and other interesting facts about Native Americans from the area.
    * Interesting facts about Dessert big hornsheep, Clark’s nutcrackers, White-tailed Kaibab squirrels and many other species of area wildlife.
    * Details between the two major conflicting perspectives surrounding the Canyon, (evolution and creation), listed side by side for easy comparison.

    So whether you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon or just wanting to learn more about it, The True North Series: Your Guide to the Grand Canyon is worth having!

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