Over the Edge | Book | Larry Vardiman, Ph.D.| MB

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Over the Edge: Thrilling, Real-life Adventures in Grand Canyon


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Over the Edge: Thrilling, Real-life Adventures in Grand Canyon

What started as informal treks to the awesome splendor of the Grand Canyon by members of the Institute for Creation Research has grown into a popular excursion for many across the country, from all backgrounds. Dr. Larry Vardiman recounts his memorable trips to this “evidence for a worldwide flood,” as he leads groups of adventurous tourists up and down the craggy cliffs.

Written with humor, this book also points to a reverence for God’s Word. By balancing the rugged beauty of this immense canyon with an acknowledgement of past judgement, Vardiman presents a complete picture of our natural surroundings. From encounters with rattlesnakes to delicious tales of camp meals, this book will enrich your understanding of God in ways you never thought possible.

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1 review for Over the Edge | Book | Larry Vardiman, Ph.D.| MB

  1. I wasn’t expecting much from this book so I was pleasantly surprised. I was afraid the funny stories would turn out to not translate well to text (“Well, I guess you had to be there”). The book is fun light reading, interspersed with casual discussion of the geology and formation of Grand Canyon layers and the canyon itself, and of the Anasazi who lived there and the artifacts that remain. Not to give any spoilers, but the sketch and story from the chapter titled “From Here You Can Be Seen Forever” is a hoot, as are the stories of hapless newbie hikers carting along everything from canned foods to crowbars to a hair dryer. 😉
    Makes me look forward to taking a tour with ICR someday. I’ve known a couple who visited Mt. St. Helens with them and they really enjoyed it.

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