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What an incredible design these animals have!


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Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds

Did You Know?

  • The artic tern migrates each year from the Artic to the Antarctic – approximately 24,000 miles (38,400 km)!
  • The roadrunner is the world’s fastest-running bird which also has flight capability.
  • The wild turkey can change the color of its head to white, purple, blue, or red depending on its mood.
  • The bright pink color of a flamingo is directly affected by its diet.

What an incredible design these animals have! The Master Creator made such wonderful and beautiful animals for our enjoyment!

Children and adults both will delight in this illustrated guide to birds of the world. Filled with spectacular photographs and “bird brevities” – it is great for any home or school library.

“And God created every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:21

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All ages!

2 reviews for Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds Book by Buddy & Kay Davis | MB – Children’s Books

  1. A few weeks ago I received the book Breathtaking Birds (part of the Marvels of Creation series) from New Leaf Press. This book is the perfect size for children to hold and look at themselves. My daughter has carried it all around the house and flipped through it over and over again. I’m pretty sure she’s taken it to bed with her as well. It’s the gorgeous full color photographs of the birds that have captured her attention.

    The book begins with an introduction and ends with a section on Intelligent Design. In between the reader learns about 30 different birds. Each bird has a two page spread. The left hand page is a full page photo of the bird. The right hand page contains several paragraphs of engaging text. Also included on the right hand page is a short “Fact Box”.

    I love this book! I love flipping through the pages and seeing the photos. There is just enough information in the text to satisfy my daughter and yet on the other hand it merely whets my appetite and inspires me to want to learn more about these amazing creatures. Though we’ve been just reading through the book for fun, I plan on using it as part of our science program while studying birds and flying creatures!

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    What a breathtakingly beautiful book! I have always been interested in watching birds, and have many “birdwatching” books, but the thing that really stood out for me with this one is the fact that it has a section in the back of the book that explains further about birds and their makeup. The chapter titled “Intelligent Design,” really is packed full of information, it discusses feathers and how they work. I just always assumed that all birds had the same amount of feathers, but not so, the number of feathers on a bird depends on the kind of bird and the time of year it is. Along with discussing feathers this chapter touches on lungs,the circulatory system, bones, the brain, eyes, and ears. It also has a picture of a bird that is labeled to show the different parts of a bird. There is also a page that shows the different types of beaks and their purposes.

    The main part of the book gives us beautiful bright pictures of birds. It gives information on thirty different types of birds, each bird is given two pages the first is a picture of the bird and the second page is interesting information about the bird, and on this page their is a little box that gives facts about the bird.

    Thumbing through this book I found a few birds that frequent my backyard. I often get a visit from the Pileated Woodpecker, and if I am lucky I am able to draw the Ruby-throated Hummingbird in for a drink during the summer. This is one of those books that would be perfect for young and old alike. I can see it being very useful for homeschooling, or for a child needing to do a book report. While it features birds from world, there are a few birds that you just might discover living in your own backyard.

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