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There’s an amazing world, underground! In Extreme Caving you’ll see incredible wonders of nature as Buddy Davis crawls, squeezes and climbs through mysterious underground passages and reveals clear evidence of Noah’s Flood.


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Extreme Caving: Earth’s Incredible Underworld

There’s an amazing world, underground! Join Buddy Davis in this 3rd episode of the “Amazing Adventures” DVD series. This time, he explores an amazing world found beneath Earth’s surface.

In this show, Extreme Caving, you will enjoy the hidden treasures of nature. As Buddy climbs, crawls and squeezes through several miles of subterranean passages, he reveals clear evidence of Noah’s flood. You’ll also find out more about bats, blind cave fish, cavemen. Also, Buddy Davis talks with leading scientists to explain how caves form. It’s sure to be a thrilling adventure as you too experience the feeling of being several hundred feet underground!

Includes free wall poster. DVD includes free music video and other bonus elements.

Details for Extreme Caving

Format: DVD
Audience: Children
Length: 58 minutes


My wife and I took our two little sons Jakob and Gabrielle to a state park near our home yesterday. It has a lot of large granite boulders with long narrow tunnels just perfect for little ones to explore in. I was half way through a long narrow trail with Jake yesterday when he turned to me and said, “daddy, we are caving just like Buddy Davis” lol. By the way if you hadn’t suspected he just got your Extreme Caving DVD and enjoys it very much. —Dennis & Jenny Underwood

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.25 × .6 in



58 minutes


Ages 5+


English (optional)


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