Ancient Secrets Trilogy DVD Set

Ancient Secrets DVD Trilogy DVD Set – Mike Snavely and David Rives talk about ancient forgotten ‘secrets’ and reveal the truth about historical events from a biblical perspective.


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All 3 DVDs in the Ancient Secrets Trilogy DVD set with Mike Snavely and David Rives

As seen on TV, these DVDs have aired on GSN – Genesis Science Network. This content was also the basis for several episodes of “Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives” on TBN. It is not the program that aired, but the official DVDs on which the shows were based.

DVD #1. “Secrets Of The Ancients …and the Downfall of America”

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On this episode of Wonders Without Number, we will examine the “Lost Secrets of Ancient Civilizations”, including ancient technology that causes today’s scientists and engineers to wonder in amazement!

DVD #2. “Toppling The Pillars | Darwinian Evolution Exposed”

TOPPLING THE PILLARS Darwinian Evolution Exposed

What can DNA Sequencing tell us? Can life spring from non-life? Do mutations add information and prove evolution? How do we know what is good science? Structural engineering requires upright columns or pillars to support beams on which buildings are constructed. Engineers have to be very careful in their designs, because without solid support pillars, the rest of the building just might not stand the test of time.

The same can be said for scientific theories. Without a solid foundation, over time, those theories eventually give way and collapse. So where is the science leading? Join Mike Snavely and David Rives, as they discuss the unstable pillars upon which the theories of evolution are based. What can DNA Sequencing tell us? Did life really spring into existence from a prehistoric glob of goo? Learn answers in TOPPLING THE PILLARS Darwinian Evolution Exposed Video.


Widescreen   |   English  |  NTSC format Video for all regions
Running time: approx. 30 minutes plus bonus features
BONUS: Includes The Evolution Song Music Video

DVD #3. “Dinosaur Dilemma | Where Do They Fit In History?”

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Were they actually fierce predators? Did Noah take them on the ark? Did they live millions of years ago? Did you know that two hundred years ago no one had ever heard of a dinosaur? What are these creatures? How long ago did they live? And why did they go extinct? Mike Snavely reveals important answers in “Dinosaur Dilemma”


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