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Teens have questions, and they need solid answers to help them defend and protect their faith.


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Where can teens find more of the solid answers they need?

Teens have questions, and they need solid answers to help them defend and protect their faith. They face challenges daily as our culture erodes Christian values through public schools, political compromises, the media, and peer pressures. They struggle to believe the Bible while the world keeps telling them that Christianity is an empty exercise. This book, the first in a groundbreaking new series, will give teens the insights they need into God’s love and His Word—answers that they will never receive from the world!

Find great answers to these 15 popular faith questions in this volume:

1.Did creation really take just 6 days or did God use the big bang?
2.Noah’s ark. . . Really?
3.What about cave men and missing links?
4.But the Bible is full of contradictions, isn’t it?
5.Don’t fossils prove evolution?
6.Isn’t natural selection evolution? My textbook says they’re the same.
7.Mutations are good for evolution, right? I mean, X-Men can’t be wrong, can it?
8.But the Bible was written by a bunch of men, right? What makes it so special?
9.How should I interpret the Bible?
10.But doesn’t the Bible support slavery?
11.Unicorns and the Bible. . . you’ve got to be kidding!
12.How can we be sure the 66 books of the Bible are the only ones from God?
13.What about abortion, cloning, and stem cells? At school I’m taught that these things are good for society!
14.What about going to college?
15.“Going through the motions”. . . is that saving faith?

It is imperative that theologically conservative, gospel-centered churches get serious about teaching faith-affirming apologetics, especially for their young people. As revealed in our eye-opening book Already Gone, children start becoming skeptical about the Bible almost as soon as they start hearing that “science” has proven Scripture to be wrong—and that’s early!

Undermining the Bible usually begins in cartoons that talk about millions of years. Evolution is actually affirmed by well-intentioned Sunday school teachers whose curricula avoid teaching what the Bible reveals regarding Creation and the Flood. By the time they’re teens, young people are so hardened against the trustworthiness of the Bible that they stop believing in Jesus—and many never return. In addition, their friends, teachers, and the media tell them every day that the Bible is simply a bunch of moral stories. Young people understand that if that is true, then the gospel message is a lie, and faith in Jesus is futile.

It is with that reality in mind that AiG has written a book series especially for teens. Please consider the teens in your life. They’ve been lied to.

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