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Immerse yourself in God’s glorious heavens with these multi-article technical monographs by expert creationist astronomers. This value pack includes Building the Creation Model of Astronomy Book and Answering Questions About Astronomy Book.


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What’s included in the Answers Research Monograph Series 2 – Astronomy Volumes 1 and 2

Building the Creation Model of Astronomy

Volume 1

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork” (Psalm 19:1, ESV). Astronomy, series 2 of ARMS, explores God’s majesty and power as displayed in His created universe. These monographs lay a foundation for a biblical model of cosmology and provide answers to some common objections and arguments proposed in mainstream astronomy. Astronomy is a collection of academic papers previously published in Answers in Genesis’ scholarly publication, Answers Research Journal. Immerse yourself in God’s glorious heavens in these technical, in-depth articles written by expert astronomers that remain accessible to the average reader.

Volume 1 of Astronomy proposes a new solution to the problem of distant starlight, offers a hypothesis for the nature of the firmament created on Day 2 and how it may potentially explain theccosmic microwave background (CMB), and suggests an explanation for the abundance of craters scarring heavenly bodies within a young universe. Readers will also learn about asteroids, comets, Cepheid variables, pulsars, globular clusters, planetary nebulae, supernovae, the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, the Hubble relation, spectroscopy, nucleosynthesis, how astronomers measure stellar distances, and much more. This volume also explains the Big Bang Model and some of its weaknesses. Although the Big Bang cosmology is false, it does not mean that creationists must reject the existence of dark matter or cosmological redshifts. To propel progress in biblical cosmology, Building the Creation Model of Astronomy challenges young-earth creationists to develop models and hypotheses to further explain phenomena of the universe, such as the CMB, the structure and clustering of galaxies, the chemical composition of the universe, “baryon acoustic oscillations,” and other characteristics of the created cosmos.

155 pages

Answering Questions About Astronomy

Volume 2

Volume 2 of Astronomy answers several fascinating questions, such as whether the moon appeared as blood on the night of the Crucifixion; the possible lengths of the Flood months, depending upon which calendar is used in Genesis 7 & 8; and considerations concerning Ussher’s date of Creation. Was the Second Law of Thermodynamics already in place before the Fall, or is it a result of the Curse? Is it possible to astronomically date the Flood within the hydroplate model? Is Frances Rolleston’s gospel in the stars a legitimate thesis? These questions and several others are answered in this volume. Readers are also cautioned against the flaws of some popular young-universe arguments, so they can avoid outdated and inaccurate apologetics. Lastly, Answering Questions about Astronomy presents the results of some original experiments that tested the flat-earth prediction that the moon’s light has a cooling effect.

151 pages


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