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Join Noah Justice as he explores the Mammoth Site! In this episode in the Awesome Science DVD series, Noah’s adventures show children and teens the amazing paleontological finds of the 20th century.


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See what the Mammoth Site tell us about how these creatures went extinct!

Mammoths are among the most recognized extinct creatures on earth. There are unique sites around the globe where visitors can see their fossils in large groups with other animals that lived in the area, creating a mystery solved by Biblical history!

The Mammoth Site is among the more amazing paleontological finds of the 20th century. This unique deposit of remains host scientific researchers and site visitors that number in the thousands each year. Uncover Native American petroglyphs and other unique facets of this incredible park!

Noah explores The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota. He’ll explore this amazing site, where over one hundred mammoths have been preserved in the sediments in an ancient sinkhole. He’ll find out how genetics can explain where mammoths came from after the global Flood, why radio carbon dating can only give us accurate dates of a few thousand years, and how they could have reproduced so quickly after coming off the ark. Finally, he’ll explore how the Ice Age, caused by the global Flood, would have come and gone quickly, causing the right conditions to force the mammoth into extinction.

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35 minutes


Ages 8+


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