Wonders Without Number – Beauty and Mathematics In Nature | David Rives & Prof. Andy McIntosh DVD

In this DVD, Beauty and Mathematics In Nature, you’ll learn the connection between science, mathematics and beauty. Does everything point to a Designer?


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Beauty and Mathematics In Nature

Why are certain things pleasing to the eye? What patterns do we find in the subject mathematics? Does everything point back to a Designer? Science, mathematics, and beauty! How do these three connect? Why would something entirely abstract ever be found in nature? Learn the answers to these questions in Beauty and Mathematics In Nature DVD

When you see the connection between these, you will be blown away!

“Information must be information whether it’s in the brain or whether it’s in the DNA simply because it’s not due to the chemistry” – Prof. Andy McIntosh

“The Mathematics itself is pointing to the existence of a great mind behind the universe” – Prof. Andy McIntosh

Prof. Andy McIntosh has lectured and researched in Combustion and Thermodynamics for over 30 years. He is a visiting research Professor at the University of Leeds in the U.K., as well as, an adjunct Professor at Mississippi State. He has published extensively on aerodynamics, thermodynamics, combustion, and biomimetics. The Bombardier Beetle research that Professor McIntosh has done has led to a patented spray device. Prof. McIntosh speaks widely in many countries on apologetics, and the Christian faith. Showing that true science is entirely consistent with a Biblical view of origins. He has his Ph.D. in combustion theory from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, and a Doctorate of Science from the University of Wales.

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