Bedrock Geology Book by Patrick Nurre | NT – Geology

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Bedrock Geology is designed to teach the essentials in Biblical Geology, to impact the faith of young people, and to be cost conscious.


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Bedrock Geology

Bedrock Geology is the heart of the Northwest Treasures Curriculum.  It has been designed to teach the essentials in Biblical Geology. Also, it was made to impact the faith of young people and to be cost conscious.  Additionally it’s best to have a basic set of rocks and minerals to study

Designed for grades 7-12

Bedrock Geology features four sections:

  • The History of Modern Geology – How we got our modern cultural understanding of geology
  • The Origin and Nature of the Earth – The evidence for an intelligent creation and creator
  • The Genesis Flood – The turning point in Earth history
  • The Ice Age – The little-understood historical period following the Genesis Flood
  1. Activities to reinforce the concepts presented in the curriculum
  2. A section on helping young minds to understand the complicated subject of radiometric dating. Unless young minds grasp the true nature of radiometric dating and how modern geologists twist it to support their conclusions, their faith will falter or be shipwrecked when confronted with the “science”. Therefore, we believe the issue of radiometric dating is of utmost importance.
  3. Also includes quizzes, a final Comprehensive Exam and answer key.


Audience: Grades 7-12
Page count: 148 pages
Format: Soft cover
Color: Color textbook

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1 review for Bedrock Geology Book by Patrick Nurre | NT – Geology

  1. Melanie

    For the last couple of months, we have used Bedrock Geology as our primary science study. My son is in 9th grade, so he’s right in the middle of the age range for the course. As the author recommends, we completed coursework 2-3 times per week. First, my son would read the chapter. Then, he’d write and define the vocabulary words in his composition notebook. Next, we’d cover the chapter again as a read-aloud. We looked up and studied each verse of Scripture which was outlined in the text. And, we examined the rock, mineral, and fossil specimens with our own magnifying glass. Of course, this last part, plus the additional recommended activities and experiments, were great fun, and a powerful learning experience. I also appreciated the thoughtful questions Mr. Nurre poses in each chapter. The questions are designed not so that the student can simply regurgitate what he has just learned. No, the questions require the student to really think about his answers and what he is learning. For example: Why does the fossil record support a catastrophic flood? Why is water evidence of intelligent design and a Creator? Why do the specific layers of our atmosphere indicate that they didn’t just happen by chance? How could igneous rocks illustrate the process described in Genesis? Those are just a few of the excellent questions which the student can answer after working through this curriculum.

    My son and I appreciated different things about this curriculum. I loved the clear teaching on how geological discoveries actually do dovetail with the Biblical account of creation and the flood. My son found the information easy to apprehend. We both loved the activities (one can create a volcano which will spew MANY different kinds of “lava”), and really enjoyed handling and examining the rocks, minerals, and fossils. We were both astonished to learn which elements make up different kinds of rocks, and how those elements are distributed throughout the earth. The entire experience was fascinating, and added much interest and excitement to our science studies.

    My husband, son and I love science. And we have always held to the Biblical creation worldview. However, I have to say that I haven’t always been able to explain why that’s what we believed. Of course, it is a matter of faith. But now, thanks to Patrick Nurre’s excellent Bedrock Geology, we can articulate scientific evidence for an actual Creation week and a catastrophic flood event—all evidenced by the fossil record, glaciers, volcanoes, and actual scientific observation. I highly recommend Bedrock Geology, for any homeschool parent or teacher who is looking for a thoughtful, clear exposition of Biblical geology. Using this excellent curriculum will enable you, and your student, to build a worldview that is based on good science and the faith that we espouse as Christians.

    Review from “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine”

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