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Learn how to see and teach math from a biblical worldview with this easy-to-read guidebook!

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Beyond Numbers Book

Are you Afraid of Numbers?

In this concise, easy read, you will learn that we don’t have to fear math and numbers! Written by a homeschool graduate, with the homeschool parent in mind, Beyond Numbers walks you through how to both select and modify a curriculum for your child. It includes reviews of a few common curriculums, and guidelines for finding a good math curriculum.

Beyond Numbers will help you to be invigorated about arithmetic, as you see how math’s very existence reminds us of God’s faithfulness. As you teach your child to view the world through a Christian perspective, you just may find that he is better able to understand and apply math. Things make so much more sense when we approach them correctly!

In the Words of a Few Readers:

This small gem discusses the general topic of thinking biblically as it applies to math. It gives examples from history, is illustrated with thought-provoking cartoons, and provides samples of practical application of thinking biblically as you teach math.
– Joyce Herzog, Choosing & Using Curriculum

So, if you are like me and avoid math, read this book to bring a glimmer of hope and purpose. If you delight in numbers, this book will bring a new depth to that delight. If you are teaching anyone math or thinking math is neutral, you have to read this book to protect the hearts and minds of yourself and those you love.
– Carolyn

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Ages 16+, Written for Teachers specifically


Christian Perspective (2005)


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