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A brilliant visual and intellectual journey, this reveals how these examples confirm mankind’s intelligence from the moment of creation.



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The DVD “Brilliant: Made in the Image of God” explains how the historical mysteries of the past confirm key biblical events such as the creation of mankind, the fall of creation, the worldwide flood, and the dispersion from Babel.

Such mysteries include: A 12-foot bronze sculpture from ancient China showing key events from the garden of Eden; an ancient map showing the Antarctic coastline before it was covered by ice over a mile deep; pyramids from ancient cultures around the world, many built with unbelievable precision; complex chemical glues developed by Neanderthals; mechanical bronze computational devices constructed by Greeks; brain surgery by the Incas; and working batteries by the Babylonians.

A visual and intellectual journey through time, this talk reveals how these and many other examples from ancient human cultures confirm mankind’s incredible intelligence from the moment of creation.

Approx. running time: 76 mins

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