Building Blocks in Earth Science | Book | Gary Parker | MB

This former evolutionary biologist and popular author offers a unique and powerful perspective on the science of our world – past and present.


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Explore the Building Blocks of Science from a Biblical Perspective!

Develop critical thinking skills as you explore the building blocks of what to believe and why you believe it!

To understand earth science, it requires “teamwork,” combining the methods and evidences of both science and history. And if you also use the “history book of the world,” the Bible, you can make sense of the Earth’s surface — altered, formed, and weathered over time, the landscapes and vistas we enjoy today. Learn about the:

• Structure of the Earth and its atmosphere.
• Types of minerals and rocks, the water table, and types of volcanoes
• Earth’s tornadoes, faults, polarity, magnetism, reeds, folding, hypercanes, deltas, and much more!

When you understand the difference in history and science in questions related to our planet, you can more effectively discern the evidences seen in the world around you. Science is an awesome tool for understanding the workings of our world and for applying such knowledge to benefit mankind. “Scientific truth” however is not determined by consensus, compromise, majority vote, popularity, celebrity endorsement, money, media endorsement, or best-selling books — and it is at its best when it is rooted in a worldview that begins with the Bible!

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