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Carved in Stone examines sedimentary rock record all over the world.  Geological evidence of a year-long progressive flood just as described in the Bible.


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Carved in Stone

Genesis records the history of a worldwide watery cataclysm that destroyed almost all land-dwelling creatures and completely reshaped Earth’s surface.  Cultures around the world retain the memory of this great deluge, but secular geologists insist it’s a myth – there never was a global flood.  But they’ve never looked at the rock record across multiple continents simultaneously.

ICR geologist Dr. Timothy Clarey does just this in Carved in Stone: Geological Evidence of the Worldwide Flood.  With an oil industry background, Dr. Clarey utilizes his understanding of oil well and seismic data to see what the rock strata actually reveal about Earth’s past.  Many people might be surprised by what he finds.

Rather than reflecting millions or billions of years, Earth’s rock record demonstrates that a global flood occurred just thousands of years ago. Carved in Stone showcases the geological data compiled across North America, South America, and Africa, with more discoveries to come as Dr. Clarey works through the remaining continents.

Carved in Stone examines the sedimentary rock record continent by continent, layer by layer.  The data provide clear geological evidence of a year-long progressive flood just as described in the Bible.  Rock data do not lie.

Note from David Rives: My friend Tim Clarey did an amazing job on this new book, and I can recommend it to everyone as perhaps the most complete work on geology to date. Includes his ground-breaking research into megasequences, never before published in book form.

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2 reviews for Carved in Stone: Geological Evidence of the Worldwide Flood Book by Dr. Timothy Clarey | ICR – Geology

  1. Marie Seltenrych

    Listening to a video from Timothy Clarey on this topic and his published book, I was gobsmacked! I could barely keep my seat as I watched in wonder his daring and comprehensive research to create a book that will re-shape mankind’s view in time.
    Not only did Clarey discover data that points to a world wide flood called “Noah’s Flood”, he sets out each stage of the flood and its perimeters. Alongside this picture, he also paints an overwhelmingly truthful and ultimately believable picture of rocks formations, their similarities throughout the earth and their fascinating history from his data.
    I believe this scientific-technical book should be read by all those seeking truth and worthwhile information that will make your hairs stand up and your voices rise with excitement.

  2. A.H. (verified owner)

    This book is very thorough with tons of graphs, charts and pictures and is well written. The graphs and charts can be technical but the text is easy to understand. Overall, I liked this book very much especially what it reveals about the megasequences. I personally didn’t agree with everything written in this book (there are some assumptions that are made and computer modeling really doesn’t prove anything) though I do believe 100% in the global flood.

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