Censoring The Darwin Skeptics: How Belief In Evolution is Enforced by Expunging Dissidents Book by Dr. Jerry Bergman – Creation/Evolution

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Reading Censoring the Darwin Skeptics you will see you are at high risk of career termination if you question evolutionary concepts.


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Censoring the Darwin Skeptics: How Belief in Evolution Is Enforced by Eliminating Dissidents

This is the third volume of a trilogy that has been more than a decade in the making. The trilogy documents over 100 cases of discrimination handed out to individuals (60 of whom were PhDs) who dared to challenge Darwinian concepts within many venues of science and academia. For those who think this type of discrimination is minor or inconsequential, you should examine this work. This type of discrimination is not rare by any means in America, but has been constantly on the rise for decades. It represents nothing less than the brutal violation of freedom of speech, thought, and religious freedom for those who are qualified to practice in their field. Over and over again the clear pattern emerges from the pages of this trilogy – you are at high risk of career termination if you dare question much less oppose evolutionary concepts. Other books in this trilogy include Slaughter of the Dissidents (Volume I) and Silencing the Darwin Skeptics (Volume II)

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1 review for Censoring The Darwin Skeptics: How Belief In Evolution is Enforced by Expunging Dissidents Book by Dr. Jerry Bergman – Creation/Evolution

  1. David V. Bassett

    “That doesn’t happen and could never happen. Not here in America”, some may say . . . maybe even you. A competent JPL employee in good standing for over a dozen years being railroaded into unemployment just for loaning out to a colleague a single DVD supportive of Intelligent Design. A three-sentence disclaimer sticker placed in public school science textbooks for the purposes of neutralizing controversy, promoting tolerance, encouraging diversity of opinion, stimulating critical thinking by students, and facilitating classroom discussion is declared “unconstitutional” by a judge. Binding legal contracts have been broken by the unilateral withdrawal of those who were either sympathetic with or forced to capitulate to Darwinian dogma after they discovered the other party was supportive of the creation view of origins. Though he was regarded as “one of the 50 best brains in science”, “one of the most successful science writers in the United States”, and “the most widely read electronics author in the world” [pp. 308, 309, 289], he was censored as a science writer and eventually blocked out of his dream-job, publishing position with Scientific American magazine simply because of his rooted-out disbelief in evolution. After reading this incredible book (of over 550 pages including its impressive Introduction), the reader will be informed that this blatant persecution of Darwin Skeptics who refuse to believe and/or promote the materialistic, morphing myth of molecules-to-man metamorphosis—aka ‘evolutionism’—has been going on in our nation for decades, if not generations.

    The entrenched evolution in our classrooms, the materialist mindset of our courtrooms, and the narcissistic naturalism of our culture have all seen fit to manipulate, mangle, and even attempt to murder the message of Darwin Doubters by labeling them as lunatics, by ruining their reputations, and by censoring them into silence. This widespread, and sometimes wanton, repression is exhibited by the disallowance of non-evolutionary research grants, creationary conclusions, and ‘Letters to the Editor’, by the forbidding of media productions, internet usage, PowerPoint presentations, and promotional posters, by the denial of organizational membership, employment offers, faculty appointments, and academic tenure, and by their dis-invitation to scientific and educational conferences, and other professional speaking venues. Darwin Dissidents are treated as leprous losers—ostracized outcasts whose opinion is not wanted, whose voice is deemed not worthy, and whose expression is not welcomed by most secular universities, colleges, museums, national parks, zoos, cultural exhibits, government centers, news outlets, libraries, and even bookstores.

    Why such deep disdain, bigoted bombast, and occasional vociferous violence against those advocating a primary [intelligent] First Cause to ultimate origins (e.g., of the universe, of the Earth, of life, of man)? Could it be that diehard evolutionists, who believe by faith in a secondary [unintelligent] first cause, are afraid to let evolutionism compete with Intelligent Design, Creation Science and/or Biblical Creationism in an objective, head-to-head forum, or shall we say a ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ struggle for survival, because of a fear of the truth? Consider the following quotes of others from Dr. Jerry Bergman’s well-researched, well-written, and well-referenced Censoring the Darwin Skeptics [pp. 125, xlix, and 278, respectively]:

    “Skepticism is science’s most valuable tool; it’s [sic (its)] absence among too many advocates of Darwinian evolution suggest[s] that something other than science is driving their beliefs.” [Quoted in Walker, Celeste Perrino, 2005. “Darwin’s Dictatorship.” Liberty, 2:23, March-April.]

    “One can’t help feeling that there is something more than a scientific dispute going on here. The evolutionists are not acting like scientists . . . . They are acting, to be frank about it, as if they are scared out of their wits—as if this particular theory [i.e., Intelligent Design (ID)] threatens to do fatal damage to their whole concept of the cosmos.” [Rusher, William. 2006. What are the scientists afraid of? Daily Dunklin Democrat. January 13 http://www.dddnews.com/story/1135271.html, p.1.]

    It is definitely understandable that Darwin Disciples would

    “run scared when confronted with the possibility that one’s entire adult life has been focused on a misconception. As fear takes hold, coping mechanisms may attempt destruction of those who embody the truth. It’s the “kill the messenger” syndrome. Further, scientists are no more open minded than anyone else and as ID gathers credibility, so will the storm of indignation.” [Zuelke, Mark Steven. 2005. “Fear of a Bright Planner.” Wall Street Journal Website.]

    In conclusion, it is worth noting that the One Who is Truth and, hence, the Source of all truth (John 14:6/ Eph. 4:21), would agree with the spiritual-warfare assessment of those quoted above. He has said that all who are born into this world have already been enlightened and shown the truth by Him (John 1:8/ Rom. 1:19-20). Somewhere along the line, Darwin Disciples have fallen into deception and denial, and the truth of the Creator God (Eccl. 12:1/ John 1:10/ Rom. 1:20/ Col. 1:16-17/ Heb. 1:2, 10) has been suppressed (Rom. 1:18), exchanged (Rom. 1:21-23/ 2 Tim. 4:4), and willfully rejected (2 Pet. 3:5) by them. They, instead, then chose to embrace “misconception” [errant teaching] and to then act on it (Prov. 4:23; 23:7a) against Darwin Skeptics. Interestingly, the ultimate source(s) of all false doctrine in these last days (John 8:44/ 1 Tim. 4:1-2/ 2 Tim. 4:3-4), when confronted with the Truth, is also “scared out of their wits” (James 2:19). What about you? (John 3:12-21; 8:31-32).

    —David V. Bassett, M.S.

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