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Christ Over Culture: Raising Christian Kids to Stand in a Postmodern World by Andrea Crum

Discover a powerful guide for Christian parents seeking to equip their children to live out their faith in today’s chaotic, self-focused society. Christ Over Culture: Raising Christian Kids to Stand in a Postmodern World empowers parents to help their kids discern anti-Biblical ideas and ground them in God’s truth. Through a blend of theology, worldview analysis, apologetics, and critical thinking skills, Christ Over Culture will equip parents with tangible strategies to run their race, stewarding their children to the glory of God.

A treasured resource for Christian families, this book dives deep into dominant social issues; such as feminism, sexual and gender identity, race conversations, progressive Christianity, and more. Through a comprehensive understanding of cultural challenges, parents will gain valuable insights and practical strategies for nurturing a strong faith foundation in their children so these ideas won’t persuade them.

Key Features:

  • Biblical Perspective: Grounded in biblical truth, Christ Over Culture encourages parents to live out their faith boldly and proactively prepare their children to navigate the complexities of today’s world.
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Exploring the postmodern worldview and critical theory framework, this book empowers parents to help their kids discern Godless ideologies and embrace God’s truth with confidence.
  • Practical Guidance: This book provides tangible strategies for guiding children to stand up, stand out, and stand apart in culture, and to stand against the enemy.

Parents, pastors, youth ministers, and teachers will find Christ Over Culture filled with truth and hope for leading this generation to order their steps by God’s Word. This light-in-the-darkness resource is also recommended for church parenting classes, Christian book clubs, as well as prayer and small groups.

Author Andrea Crum states, “As parents, we don’t have to be fearful of the world our kids are growing up in, but we need to be intentional with how we help them navigate it.” Andrea is a wife and mother of two, Bible study teacher, graduate of Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and founder of Genuine Family Ministries.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. The Missing Plot
  • 2. The Dulling Begins
  • 3. New Day Rising
  • 4. A New Lens
  • 5. The Biblical Worldview
  • 6. A Contemporary Apologetic
  • 7. Feminism’s Role in Our Postmodern World
  • 8. Our Culture’s Sexual Obsession
  • 9. The Explosive Growth of LGBTQ+ Ideology
  • 10. The Problem of Justice
  • 11. A Postmodern Christianity
  • 12. Raising Them to Stand
  • Glossary
  • Endnotes
  • Index


“This book is like a Christian parenting lifehack. Navigating the mishmash of cultural ideas as a Kingdom-minded parent is no easy job. Luckily, Andrea has created a resource which will greatly unburden your efforts. Her insightful analysis of culture is clear and compelling, while her prescriptions for Christian parents are easy to follow and theologically sound. It’s evident in her writing that she brings a sincere heart to this project, as well as a practical approach to helping parents conceptualize the principles of the Christian worldview, and its competitors, so they can effectively disciple their families.”

Lori Morrow, VP of Women in Apologetics

“If you’ve struggled to teach your kids about the culture we find ourselves living in, let alone understand it yourself, this is the book for you! In a straightforward, easy to understand way, Andrea teaches us about the influences that have shaped our culture into what it is today. But she doesn’t leave us hopeless and defeated. In Christ Over Culture, Andrea gives us a clear roadmap to equipping our kids to live confidently and make an impact for Christ. This book is a must-read guide for parents.”

Kathy Gibbens, Host of the Filter It Through a Brain Cell podcast

“It’s a great joy to find a book that speaks to where you’ve been in life and equips you for where you’re going. Andrea gives busy parents the meat of leading worldviews today with practical discipleship tips to raise kids to stand against culture in the winsome tone of a loving friend. As a busy mom of 4, I am always looking for books that are accessible, Christ-centered, and theologically rich. Christ Over Culture is it!”

Amy Davison, Mama Bear Apologetics

“Many of us desire to raise strong and discerning children amidst a confused culture that is not favorable toward a Biblical worldview. Often we don’t know where to start. By providing the framework for the postmodern worldview and critical theory ideas and countering it with the Biblical perspective, Andrea offers clarity, direction, and inspiration as we seek to equip the next generation toward faithfulness and courage.”

Alishia Illian, Author of Chasing Perfect

“Christ Over Culture is a clarion call to parents who are struggling to pass on the faith in a time of rampant hostility to Christian truth. This book will strengthen your resolve and help fortify you for the task of raising godly children in an ungodly world.”

Israel Wayne, Author and Conference Speaker, Founder of Family Renewal

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