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Christianity For Skeptics – defends Christianity in general, and answers attacks from many directions.

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An Answer to the Major Questions

Christianity for Skeptics addresses some of the most important questions asked of modern Christianity:

– Does God exist?
– If there is a god, why do bad things happen?
– Is Atheism rational?
– Is Jesus God?
– Is the Bible God’s word?
– What about other religions?
– And many more…

While CMI is officially a Bible/Christ-centered publisher, with its main focus on creation, this edition of Christianity For Skeptics is the first time we have published a book defending Christianity in general, and answering attacks from many directions. This classic by leading Christian apologist from New Zealand, Dr. Steve Kumar, has been considerably updated with assistance from Dr. Jonathan Sarfati.

It now also contains cutting edge material on design in nature and the Christian roots of science, and with its modern, catchy full color cartoon-style illustrations it is a real ‘pick me up and read me’ type book.

A Note on Christianity For Skeptics

My previous books have essentially presupposed that the Bible and Christianity are true, and mainly explained the proper interpretation and scientific support. This new book provides evidence for the truth of the Bible, and that Jesus was the Son of God as he claimed. – Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

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Dr. Steve Kumar, Dr. Jonathan D Sarfati

2 reviews for Christianity for Skeptics Book by Dr. Jonathan Sarfati | CMI – Apologetics

  1. Leah

    I recommend this book for skeptics who need an “in a nutshell” coverage of the basics of Christianity. I also recommend this book to any Christian who has deep faith in Christ, but also needs a deeper intellectual understanding of what he/she believes.
    It doesn’t “beat the bush” when confronted with questions like “Is the resurrection real?” or “Is the Bible the true word of God?” The answers are given in plain English, not in academic gibberish, so that I would not be worried that some people would find it too hard to understand or too simplified to be credible. It also exposes the weaknesses of the other religions when put in the presence of the light of Christianity. I consider it a priceless tool in answering questions raised by an unbelieving and confused world.

  2. A.C.

    FINALLY, after thirty-something years, Jesus Christ makes sense to me! I finally see why and how it all happened. Kumar pulls in references and quotes from some of the best Christian minds and publications. For such a bargain price, one might expect a small pocket book with tired arguments. But this is a large book chock full of great information and thought-provoking descriptions. I would highly recommend this book to anyone searching or to any Christian who is helping to answer a searcher’s questions.

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