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Explore the timeline of a baby’s development from fertilization to birth with your family. In a kid-friendly way, Crafted by God offers the biblical teaching that every human life is made in the image of God and has extraordinary value. Full-color images, booklets, foldouts, and other interactive pages reveal the wonder of God as Creator and the scientific genius behind His creative process.


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Crafted by God: From Fertilization to Birth

Teach your children the truth about when life begins and how it progresses from fertilization to birth with the beautifully illustrated and interactive book, Crafted by God. Ages 7 and up will learn how the Bible and science can be trusted as they explore the stages of an unborn baby’s development.

Crafted By God Book reveals:

  • The miracle of life and when it begins.
  • The value of every human life according to the Bible
  • Details of the different stages of development including scientific terms, which body parts are being formed at that stage, and the size of the unborn baby.
  • Why abortion is not God’s way.
  • The uniqueness of individuals and the value of people who demonstrate special needs.
  • The need to defend unborn babies and the beauty of adoption.

As you explore life inside the mother’s womb with your child, you will be helping them to love God and love their neighbor.

“Because we are all made in God’s image, God wants us to treat other image bearers (people made in God’s image) kindly. This includes what we say to others and our actions toward them. What we say about someone shows how we feel about their Creator (James 3:9–10).” Pg 15

Celebrate life together with your children in this beautiful and engaging book, featuring a development timeline, fascinating facts, biblical worldview teaching, and the gospel message. — Ken Ham, CEO Answers in Genesis

Note: There is a mirror on the last page with a protective film over it. Remove film for a clearer image.

Pages: 22

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4 reviews for Crafted by God: From Fertilization to Birth Book by Dr. Georgia Purdom and Stacia McKeever | MB

  1. Katelyn

    This resource is visually captivating as the reader explores and learns all about God’s plan for human reproduction. It is gentle enough to share with young children and is thoroughly informative for adults. When children ask about where they came from, this colorful and inviting resource would be the perfect way to show them. I especially appreciate the informative portions on miscarriage, differences, and adoption. What a tender and truthful way to share with and explain to our children that we all have different experiences, but that God is still God, that He is good, and is the giver of life. I love that the Gospel message is shared, along with many other important Biblical truths. All families can benefit from this treasure!

    Review by Katelyn

    Posted on 1/26/23

  2. Amanda

    Wow. This book is an absolute delight to read. It is engaging and perfectly worded to share with children of all ages (parents can then dive deeper into specifics if they choose to). I love how each page points you to scripture, so I highly suggest having your Bible with you when going through this book so you can read God’s truth together as a family. By the time I reached page 15, I was in tears. The authors handle difficult topics such as abortion, miscarriage, adoption, and the uniqueness that some are born with, with grace and truth.

    I appreciate this resource so much. Not just for my family but to share with others as well. I’m already planning to order extra copies to give to family and friends, as well as a few to donate to our local pregnancy center.

    Review by Amanda

    Posted on 1/25/23

  3. MBFan

    “Have you ever wondered where you came from?”

    This book is even more beautiful and larger than I expected! It is a wonderful tribute to human life and the privilege it is to be crafted in the image of God.

    “Crafted by God” celebrates that each of us are unique and precious. Its colorful interactive pages, including the gorgeous fold-out timeline, are a delight, and there’s even a little mirror at the end of the book (make sure to remove the plastic film before use)!

    I highly recommend this book as a must-have resource for your home library. It would also be a treasured gift to give.

    Review by MBFan

    Posted on 1/25/23

  4. Anna

    This book was beautifully written. The pull-outs, flaps, and other interactive pieces are so much fun! My family truly enjoyed it. It is great for all ages! After reading it, my 5-year-old told her aunt, who is pregnant, the purpose of the umbilical cord and that it becomes your bellybutton. This is a must-have for any family and enjoyable for ALL AGES!

    Review by Anna

    Posted on 1/23/23

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