Creation Evangelism: Sharing Your Faith | DVD | Dr. David Catchpoole | CMI

Why does evangelism seem so difficult today?


ID: 9780949906519


Presenter: Dr. David Catchpoole
Length: 60 minutes
Audience: High School-Adult

Why does evangelism seem so difficult today? Actually, by applying proven soul-winning methods as found in the Scriptures, Christians can effectively ‘engage the culture’—whether in the evolutionized West or the remotest jungles of Papua New Guinea. Find out how!

Includes English sub-titles and a 3-minute CMI promotional segment.

David received his B.Ag.Sc. (Hons) from the University of Adelaide and a Ph.D. from the University of New England (New South Wales). His Ph.D. investigated nitrogen transfer between tree legumes, associated grass and ruminant animals (goats). This was undertaken in Indonesia as part of a joint Australia-Indonesia project in forage research, aimed at improving the quality and availability of animal feed. David subsequently worked for the Queensland Department of Primary Industries as a plant physiologist. His focused primarily on plant nutrition of tropical fruit trees (especially mango), and varietal selection. He has also worked as a science educator at James Cook University, which included lecturing in tropical horticulture. David was once an ardent atheistic evolutionist, before being challenged to look critically at the problems of evolution, and the scientific evidence for creation and the Bible.

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