Creation Proclaims – Amazon & Beyond, Vol. 4 | DVD | Dr. Jobe Martin & Dan Breeding

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Discover the Amazing Creatures of the Amazon!

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Discover the Amazing Creatures of the Amazon!

Join Dr. Jobe Martin and Dan “The Animal Man” on an adventure deep inside the Amazon rainforest and beyond. It is here that God reveals Himself maybe more than anywhere else on Earth because of the enormous diversity of plants and wildlife. In The Amazon and Beyond (Volume 4), you’ll discover how Creation Proclaims the character, majesty, power and glory of our Creator God.

In each creature feature, you’ll learn how God is reaching out to mankind in unmistakable ways by making Himself known through:

Macaw – The Parrot King,
Kinkajou – The Amazon’s Sweet Honey Bear,
Marmoset – God’s Miniature Monkey,
Anaconda – Amazon’s Mystery Monster,
Spider Monkey – The High-flying Acrobat
…And more!

Grab your flashlight, binoculars and bug spray, and get ready to encounter God through the wild wonders of His creation. You’ll be inspired by the Biblical Insights and invigorated by the adventure!

Teachers Love It! It’s easy… flexible… and fun. Choose a chapter and study one creature at a time… or “Play All” to watch the entire video from start to finish. Students will learn, laugh and be amazed as they discover how Creation Proclaims the Creator. An excellent video for: Schools – Science, Biblical World View, Apologetics and Creation Classes Churches – Sunday School, Bible Studies, VBS, Sermon Illustrations Homes – Families, Friends, Personal Study

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105 minutes


Ages 6+

1 review for Creation Proclaims – Amazon & Beyond, Vol. 4 | DVD | Dr. Jobe Martin & Dan Breeding

  1. Ann

    The Bible is amazing. God is amazing, and volume four is my favorite of the set probably because of the segment on symbiosis/mutualism. That is so fascinating. Entertaining, inspiring- the intricacy of creation was no accident. God knew what Charles Darwin was going to do and things like symbiosis, the Macaw and the clay etcetera were not only specifically made to show God’s glory and power but also to show that evolution is completely impossible.

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