DARWINISM IS THE DOORWAY TO ATHEISM: Why Creationists Become Evolutionists Book by Dr. Jerry Bergman


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In this book, Dr. Jerry Bergman presents vignettes of over 50 individuals who started out in life believing that a Creator was responsible for life on Earth. But most of them changed their mind at some point after encountering what they believed to be irrefutable evidence for Darwinian evolution. Many of these individuals then went on to become ambassadors for the evolutionary worldview, and have influenced millions of others to accept that view as well. But is evolution actually as compelling as they believe it is? The comprehensive appendices at the back of this book provide references to many powerful video presentations and other materials showcasing competent scientists and philosophers of science who argue that evolution falls short of it’s claims, and they present convincing evidence for a designed universe.  The biggest takeaway from this book is the importance of providing compelling reasons to doubt the evolutionary perspective using good science and presenting it to those who at some point wrestle with this issue. Anyone who is willing to consider the possibility that life was created will find ample material in Darwinism Is The Doorway To Atheism to put evolutionary arguments into the graveyard of failed scientific propositions where they belong.

  • Paperback : 408 pages

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