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This magnet features the ferocious Deinosuchus, meaning “terrible crocodile,” on display at the Wonders Center and Science Museum!


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This magnet features the Deinosuchus, meaning “terrible crocodile,” on display at the Wonders Center and Science Museum!

Today, we only know Deinosuchus from its fossilized remains. Paleontologists around the United States have been digging up fossils we now recognize as this epics since the middle of the 1800s- first in North Carolina, then in Texas and North into Montana. It look decades to collect enough bones to realize they were dealing with a kind of crocodilian but upscaled many times, and with features we’ve never been able to study in living specimens. It was eventually given its name in 1909, the “terrible crocodile” or in Greek, Deinosuchus.

The shape of Deinosuchus’ bones make scientists say that it could have done the “death roll” we know from living crocodiles, where its grips its prey’s legs and spins upside down, forcing the prey’s head underwater until it drowns. We have also found intriguing bite marks on a various large dinosaur fossils that look like a pretty conclusive match to a Deinosuchus bite. These marks have been found both on large herbivores and even theropods of similar size to the T.rex. So far, we haven’t found any dinosaurs east of the Mississippi to equal the size of Deinosuchus, leaving us to assume it was probably the apex predator in that part of the world before the Flood.

You can find all this information plus so much more at the Wonders Center and Science Museum. Come on by and purchase this magnet as a fun reminder of your time!

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