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Dinosaurs Unleashed (Revised Edition)

The True Story About Dinosaurs and Humans

by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons

Packed with beautiful illustrations and informative, easy-to-read text, this edition of AP’s most popular children’s book is a “must have” for those who want to know the truth about dinosaurs and humans. Written on a 3rd-6th grade level, Dinosaurs Unleashed is one of the most outstanding dinosaur books on the market. This edition includes 100+ added pages of illustrations and text.

2021, 211 pages, hardbound


ID: 9781600631726


Dinosaurs Unleashed Revised 3rd. Edition Book

Dinosaurs Unleashed: The true Story of Dinosaurs and Humans

This incredible volume refutes what is surely one of the most influential contentions of evolutionists, as they exploit dinosaurs to force-feed children false evolutionary propaganda. It provides proof positive that humans and dinosaurs once existed on Earth together.

Though written mainly with young people in mind, this gorgeous, full-color hardback book is captivating for all ages. Fully illustrated by the talented Canadian artist Lewis Lavoie, the results are absolutely stunning! The revised edition is expanded by 12 pages to include the latest scientific findings, from the discovery of dinosaur soft tissue to more dragon legends, to the question of whether humans could have survived living contemporaneously with these “terrible lizards.”

Packed with beautiful, full-color illustrations and informative, easy to read text, this is a “must have” for anyone who wants to know the truth about dinosaurs. Written on a 3rd-6th grade level, Dinosaurs Unleashed is one of the most outstanding dinosaur books on the market. Dinosaurs Unleashed will engage even the most discriminating young reader. Although the book is intended for children, people of all ages will be thrilled by the gorgeous pictures.

An Excerpt:

The world of dinosaurs was not a world unknown to man. In the past, he walked with them. He ate with them. And the first man, Adam, even gave them names (Genesis 2:19-20). Dinosaurs were created by God during the creation week, and for thousands of years lived upon the earth as a sign to humans of God’s awesome power and creative ability. Unfortunately, evolutionists have tried to tell us that dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years before humans, but that is not true. In this book, we will explore these amazing creatures, and you will discover the true story of how dinosaurs and humans once lived together.

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Dimensions 11 × 8.75 × .5 in

Hard-cover book


211 pages


3rd-6th grade reading level


3rd Edition, revised and updated

3 reviews for Dinosaurs Unleashed Revised 3rd. Edition Book by Kyle Butt & Eric Lyons | AP – Paleontology

  1. Ibenson

    My son went nutty over this book. It has great pictures. It is extremely informational but written in an easy to enjoy way. The information CAN be researched an proven perfectly factual. I am learning along with my son. It teaches what evolutionists say AND what Creationists say. You are not withholding information about evolution your are simply adding to that information by paralleling other views. I think this is important because children are growing up in an evolution-as-fact environment and if they are ever going to have an intelligent debate against it they better know about it. I would also like to add that there is such a relief being able to read a book about dinosaurs that speaks also about their awesome creator. As a Christian family we are attacked, insulted and criticized for our beliefs and this is one place I can feel safe and read in peace.

  2. P.C.

    Very insightful and interesting for young and old! If you are a teacher, parent, or kid who loves dinosaurs and wants to know more about the facts of their origins and disappearance, this book is for you.

  3. Darlene

    I read this book aloud to my children.

    I am thankful for books like this that explain the history of dinosaurs from a creation, rather than an evolution, perspective. Butt quotes passages from the Bible that confirm the existence of dinosaurs during biblical times and explains how dinosaurs could have been taken on the Ark.

    Lavoie’s illustrations are fabulous!

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