Dr. Chuck Thurston Wonders 6 Video Bundle

This set includes Pillars of the Earth, The Nature of Science, DNA- God’s Favorite Software, Bone Patterns, Prophetic Patterns in the Tabernacle, and Body Codes.


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Dr. Chuck Thurston Wonders 6 Video Bundle

Pillars of the Earth

What does the Bible mean when it talks about the “pillars of the earth?” David Rives sits down with Dr. Chuck Thurston to talk about a topic that was hotly debated in the 17th century A.D. Heliocentrism vs. Geocentrism… why are we still talking about this? Doesn’t everyone know the earth revolves around the sun? Yes, scientists have proven that it does. However, there are other earth-related questions to Biblical passages that are not so easily understood. What are the “foundations of the earth?” What are the “pillars of the earth?” Could it just be a matter of perspective?

Dr. Chuck Thurston is an emergency room physician with years of experience not only in medicine, but Biblical study.

Running time: Approx 27 minutes


Is science at odds with the Bible or does science confirm the Bible? Thurston and Rives look at why academia and modern society have incorrectly put science and the Bible into two warring camps. Is it true that scientists must look at the world purely through a naturalistic lens with no thought to Biblical study? Perhaps many modern scientists do, but historically, most scientists of the past believed quite differently. Learn how the Bible has inspired great scientists throughout history to make the foundational discoveries that now shape our modern world. Dr. Chuck Thurston is an emergency room physician with year of experience not only in medicine, but Biblical study.

“The mathematical language of science is what God uses to teach us.”
– Dr. Chuck Thurston –

Running Time Approx. 27 Minutes

DNA – God’s Favorite Software

Is DNA evidence of random chance or Divine design? Thurston and Rives look at the incredibly complex features of DNA and how closely the system parallels that of modern software. Letters, sentences, paragraphs, books… The language of DNA is not only a way of describing what a tree, an animal or the human body will look like, it tells the system how to make it. From the moment of conception, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Every physical characteristic of our bodies is built from a code. But who wrote the code? Dr Chuck Thurston is an emergency room physician with years of experience not only in medicine, but Biblical study.

“The DNA in our cells is our constitution.”
– Dr. Chuck Thurston –

Approx. 27 Minutes

Bone Patterns

Could the human skeleton provide a hiding place for Biblical parables? David Rives and Dr. Chuck Thurston talk about parables to scripture hidden in the human bone structure. Do you even know how many ribs you have? Don’t worry, you’ll find out! You’ll also find out about the sword upon which they converge. Remember those strange verses in Revelation about “the sword of my mouth”? Perhaps it’s not so strange once we look at the human skeleton. Intrigued yet? We’re just getting started! Dr. Chuck Thurston is an emergency room physician with years of experience not only in medicine, but Biblical study.

Prophetic Patterns in the Tabernacle


Dr. Chuck Thurston, MD looks at the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, and how it reveals a pattern of New Testament events.

We’ve all heard of the Tabernacle in the wilderness that the Israelites set up to be the dwelling place of God’s presence… But is there more to the design of the tabernacle that we haven’t considered? Why was God SO specific when giving the instructions for its design?

Could there be a pattern there since Old Testament times which would relate to the coming of our Savior in the New Testament? Learn more in Prophetic Patterns in the Tabernacle Video

What about the human body, designed to be a tabernacle, or dwelling place for the Holy Spirit? Find out as we explore the relations between the Tabernacle in the wilderness and patterns found throughout the scriptures… even found in us, as human beings.

Body Codes – Throne Rooms Walking Video

Do our Body Codes tell us about the Creator? In this awe-inspiring Video, Dr. Thurston delivers a powerful message.

You will be amazed as a perfect picture of the throne room of God is revealed through the intricate design of the human chest and the human heart.

Dr. Thurston was a guest on “Creation in the 21st Century” with David Rives. As a part of the program, he gave a presentation on this same subject. If you saw the programs on TBN entitled: “Create In Me A Clean Heart”, “The Body Codes – Throne Rooms Walking”, and would like to see the presentation again at your own pace, then this is the DVD for you!

“Over the past five years the pattern of scripture imbedded in the rest of the whole body has manifested itself. It is the best form of Cross-Cultural communication from Heaven to us I have ever seen and brings most who view it to tears.” – Dr. Charles Thurston, MD

Dr. Chuck Thurston, M.D. looks at unique patterns -what he calls “body codes” -throughout the human body, and their Biblical significance. You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made. The human body is an incredible thing. We have the ability to think for ourselves. We have the ability to feel emotions and to choose between right and wrong. Thurston and Rives look at “four and twenty elders” that sit around the throne… It’s in the Bible – but is it also built into your body? What about a key of righteousness that sits on our shoulder? And a two-edged sword that the Bible likens to the “Word of God” “quick, and powerful” that discerns the very “thoughts and intents of the heart”? Could these be not only Biblical references, but also powerful analogies that relate to YOUR body?

Lastly, consider the human heart, the seat of the will and emotions: “A good man, out of the good treasures of his heart brings forth that which is good. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

Truly, the “body codes” within us show the glory of our Creator!

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