Echoes Of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Soft Tissue Book and DVD Pack

Echoes Of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Soft Tissue Book and DVD Pack – 1 copy of the DVD hosted by David Rives, and also the book by the same title.

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Echoes Of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Book and DVD Pack

Did dinosaurs roam the earth 65 million years ago? Echoes Of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Soft Tissue Book and DVD Pack shows new discoveries with evidence for creation and biblical accuracy of Genesis.

Echoes Of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Book and DVD Pack – DVD Hosted by David Rives (Refracted Glory, Creation in the 21st Century) and Book by Dr. Kevin Anderson, Director of the iDINO Project

It is true! In 2005, Dr. Mary Schweitzer and her research team reported one of the greatest paleontological discoveries in history. The scientific community was stunned, and many argued that it is not possible for there to still be soft and pliable tissue remaining in dinosaur bones. They claimed that it was contamination or bacterial biofilm mimicking soft tissue. However, during the past decade discoveries have continued, and the evidence clearly demonstrates that this is original dinosaur tissue.

In 2012, the Creation Research Society began work on its iDINO project. It was created with the specific purpose of conducting dinosaur tissue research from a biblical creation perspective. As part of this project, tissue and intact bone cells were discovered in a Triceratops horn.

In Echoes Of The Jurassic – Discoveries of Soft Tissue Book and DVD Pack you will see the evidence for yourself, and understand why this is such a challenge to the evolutionary dogma.

Note from the host:
“I was so privileged to be a part of this project. The discoveries found in this DVD are critical information for literally every individual. Whether high school student, church-going couple, or secular college professor, you will learn of previously unknown scientific breakthroughs. The groundbreaking soft-tissue research has been suppressed in most schools and universities because it points to a literal, historical Genesis. It challenges evolutionary theories of biology because soft tissue could not survive for the millions of years suggested by secular paleontologists…
Did T-Rex roam the earth over 65 million years ago? Prepare to be shocked as you learn of PhD scientists finding some INCREDIBLE things inside freshly-recovered dinosaur bones.

Take the journey with me and find out for yourself, in Echoes of the Jurassic!”

-David Rives, host

Feature Length: 58 Minutes
Extras: 37 Minutes

“Echoes Of The Jurassic” Book by Dr. Kevin Anderson, Ph.D.

The presence of soft tissue and proteins in several dinosaur fossils may be the most significant paleo discovery of the 21st century. Yet this discovery also directly challenge the evolution-biased timescale. Are dinosaurs fossils really over 65 million years old? Can tissue and proteins possibly survive in these fossils for 85 million years? Echoes of the Jurassic book presents a clear and concise understanding of both the science, and the controversy.

“This book may be short, but it comprehensively documents in an easy-to-read style, all the discoveries of soft-tissues and biomolecules in fossils, especially in dinosaur bones. It then systematically demolishes all devices to explain how such tissues and biomolecules could somehow have survived millions of years, instead presenting the experimental and other evidence which confirms they can only be thousands of years old. I highly recommend this book as a must-read for every Christian so they are informed and then equipped to use this astonishing, irrefutable evidence of life being created by God only thousands of years ago, as God’s Word plainly teaches.” Andrew Snelling, Ph.D. (author of Earth’s Catastrophic Past)
“Dr. Anderson has written the best books to date on the dinosaur soft tissue discoveries. He concisely explains the science, the significance, and the feeble attempts by evolutionists to discount and distort the recent findings. This is a must read for all Christians who are interested in learning the truth about preserved biomaterial.” Tim Clarey, Ph.D. (author of Dinosaurs. Marvels of God’s Design)

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