Homosexuality: Finding Hope in the Gospel (Embrace Conference) DVD by Dr. Rosaria Butterfield | AIG – Apologetics

Filmed at the 2015 Answers for Women Conference, this program discusses practical help for those struggling with same-sex attraction.


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Let God Embrace you with comfort…

Rosaria is light-years away from where she was before the Lord claimed her as His own. She was formerly known as Dr. Rosaria Champagne. She was a tenured professor of English and Women’s Studies at Syracuse University, scholar in 19th century literature and culture (and advocate of Freud, Marx, Hegel, Darwin), author of a book in feminist theory and articles in queer theory, partnered to another lesbian woman, and a proponent of LGBT civil rights. Her conversion did not come easily, and she lost “everything but the dog” when Christ rescued her from homosexuality.

Rosaria’s conversion left her clearheaded about God’s authority and holiness and the integrity of His Word. She also learned why God demands sexual purity and what the purpose of sexuality is. Hear her train wreck conversion and its many character-changing edges!

Free Discussion Guide included.

Embrace Series

We certainly live in a fallen world, and we all know someone who is experiencing the effects… someone who is hurting. An important part of apologetics (defending the faith) is helping people understand the impact of sin in the world, and when necessary, lovingly confronting them and helping them change. In the Embrace series, you will hear from women as they share practical, biblical ways to embrace and encourage those who are hurting.

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