Evolution Shot Full of Holes: With Four Irrefutable Arguments! Book by Jim Bendewald & Frank Sherwin | EP – Creation/Evolution

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Evolution is utterly false. This book provides four powerful arguments demonstrating this fact.


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There’s too many holes for the process to hold up under scrutiny…

While respecting the viewpoint of those who do believe in evolution, Evolution Shot Full of Holes provides four powerful, easy-to-understand arguments demonstrating the fact that the evolution of life is utterly impossible.

Logical, persuasive, and filled with fun illustrations to clarify the point, this book is about four major irrefutable flaws in the foundation of evolution. It focuses on the subjects of mutations, information, the cell and the Cambrian Explosion to expose gaping holes in the ideology involved. Discover the fissures that expose the vulnerability of evolution while providing a satisfying model of creation.

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3 reviews for Evolution Shot Full of Holes: With Four Irrefutable Arguments! Book by Jim Bendewald & Frank Sherwin | EP – Creation/Evolution

  1. Stephen K Huffman

    While there are any number of good books on this topic, this one has some features I found particularly helpful. First of all, the terms used were clearly defined. I didn’t have to wade through pages trying to find definitions. Secondly, the arguments presented were not only understandable, but usable. I felt I gained enough information about both sides to defend my position if I were involved in a discussion of this issue. Finally, the authors provided several questions at the end of each chapter that helped me think about what I’d read and gain a better understanding of the material.

    All in all, Evolution Shot Full of Holes is a book that I will refer back to and recommend to others.

  2. Beau R. D. Lee

    This book’s introduction sums it up quite well: “The subject matter in this text is not comprehensive; rather, it was designed to be easily understood and persuasive” (p. 14). This book begins with a list of definitions that are unusually clear, allowing readers new to the topic to build a strong foundation. The training wheels come off after the introduction, however, and, to the credit of the author, the boxing gloves come out. In a most clear fashion, this book leaves the starting blocks of the introduction with a vengeance and respectfully blows holes in a theory we were all taught to be concrete fact. Referring back to the quote in the introduction, I found this book to be both “easily understood and persuasive” – a definite gem in my referral catalog.

  3. Joseph W. M.

    I read this book yesterday, today I ordered 5 more copies. A well written book, in language that almost anyone can understand. Yet, it provides very sound, logical arguments. Irrefutable. An excellent gift idea. This is a great book! I will very likely order more copies in the future. I wish I would have found this book years ago.

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