Exploring the Amazon and Beyond Bundle

Exploring the Amazon and Beyond Bundle. Get 1 Amazon Expedition book,1 Amazing Creatures That Proclaim Creation DVD and 1 Climbers & Creepers Cards Pack.


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Exploring the Amazon and Beyond Bundle

In Exploring the Amazon and Beyond Bundle, you’ll get 1 copy of Amazon Expedition book by Vance Nelson, 1 copy of Amazing Creatures That Proclaim Creation DVD with David Rives and Dr. Jobe Martin and 1 pack of Climbers & Creepers Creation Cards.

Untold Secrets of Planet Earth: Amazon Expedition Book by Vance Nelson

To those influenced by evolutionary theory, one of the most preposterous claims made by Bible-believing creationists is that dinosaurs and humans co-existed. Much evidence, however, favours the recent existence of dinosaurs. Ancient artwork from around the globe shows accurate representations of various kinds of dinosaurs.

Amazon Expedition documents the actual journey, study, and validation of an ancient depiction of what appears to be a sauropod dinosaur surrounded by nine hunters. Come on an exciting adventure to the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and see new evidence that suggests dinosaurs have lived recently.

In this amazing full-color book, researcher Vance Nelson documents his recent journey to the Amazon rainforest in Peru. He demonstrates how the carbon-14 “plasma oxidation” validation of an ancient depiction of what appears to be a sauropod dinosaur surrounded by nine hunters. Tests were performed at a secular university in the USA, and the results indicated that the rock wall depiction was painted about 1300 BC – most likely, after a successful hunt!


Vance Nelson is a researcher, speaker, and writer. He travels the world searching for evidence relating to the history of planet earth. He has been on international radio and television. He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and children. 

“I am a skeptic at heart. I want to see the evidence with my own eyes, examine it with my own hands, and analyze it with my own mind.

During my travels, I have seen things that I could never have dreamed of only ten years ago. The world is an amazing place with an incredible history. Generally, people only hear a tidbit of that history. This book series is designed to give people a vivid glimpse into parts of Planet Earth of which they may have never even thought.

I personally find exploration and research exhilarating. It helps me to better understand who I am, to better understand what my place is in the world and universe, and to better understand where I am headed on this roller-coaster ride called life.” Vance Nelson


Amazing Creatures That Proclaim Creation – Marvels of God’s Handiwork | David Rives & Dr. Jobe Martin | Wonders Without Number DVD

Format DVD
Length 30 minutes

Do animals show God’s amazing design? Find out the answer in Amazing Creatures That Proclaim Creation DVD

Many people believe that every creature we see formed over millions of years of evolutionary change. That theory is being taught as fact in our schools and universities – but educated biologists and zoologists know the true story. You can’t study a giraffe without seeing irreducible complexity. Let’s take a look and see how animals show God’s amazing design.

Dr. Jobe Martin explores these animals in greater detail. He has been a dentist for the Presidential flight crews of Air Force One and had his private dental practice in Houston, Texas.

Climbers & Creepers Animal Creation Cards

Have you ever noticed how many people are interested in the animal kingdom? It is because God has built into mankind a wonder at the things that He has made—He has revealed Himself through His creation (General Revelation). Children especially love to talk about and study animals. The hope which inspired the Creation Cards is that they will be taken on field trips, zoo tours, to shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, recreational areas, parks, gas stations, malls, fast food shops, etc, with the purpose of bringing people face to face with facts about God’s amazing creation. May peoples’ eyes then be open to the truth that the Creator Jesus Christ is the One Who is able to be their Savior.

These Climbers and Creepers Animal Creation Cards are a great tool for evangelism. They are one of the easiest “tracts” to hand out because people are usually excited to receive them.

Weta—New Zealand’s Wonder Weta
Nudibranch—God’s rainbow of the sea
Baboon—the world’s largest monkey
Cockroach—Madagascar’s hissing cockroach
Aye-aye—the Madagascan aye-aye
Gibbon—the world’s greatest acrobat

There is an explanation of each unique animal on the back of the card, a Bible verse, and a link to a salvation message.

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