Formed to Fly: Created Not Evolved DVD by Dr. David Menton | AIG – Zoology

With the aid of a scanning electron microscope, Dr. Menton examines the feathers of birds and compares them to reptile scales. Contrary to the claims of evolutionists, feathers are profoundly different from scales in every respect. It is biological nonsense to claim that one evolved from the other by chance.


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Formed to Fly – Created Not Evolved DVD

  • Length: 61 minutes

No two classes of vertebrates differ more dramatically than birds and dinosaurs. Yet Evolutionists argue that birds are really dinosaurs! Discover the distinctive features of birds, including their ability to fly, the unique way they walk and breath, and their marvelously complex feathers, in this presentation by anatomist Dr. David Menton. You’ll even peer under a scanning electron microscope to view feathers like you never have before. Along the way, you’ll discover that, unlike dinosaurs, birds are clearly “formed to fly.” Dr. David Menton held a PhD in biology from Brown University and served as an award-winning professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for 34 years. He retired as an Associate Professor Emeritus and then served with Answers In Genesis as a speaker, writer, and researcher.

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