Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men: A Biblical View Book by Patrick Nurre | NT – Paleontology

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Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men is a study of the differences between the Biblical and secular views of fossils, dinosaurs and cave men.


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Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men: A Biblical View is a study of the differences between the Biblical and secular views of fossils, dinosaurs and cave men.  These lessons are designed to help the student understand the philosophy behind the Geologic Time Table. Another thing students will learn is how dinosaurs fit into a Biblical perspective. Also covered is the Biblical view of the Tower of Babel event and how it influenced the development of man and civilization.  In addition the student will learn how to “read” the rock layers through a Biblical view of Earth history.   To complete this study, it’s best to have some fossils for lab.

In Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men: A Biblical View:

  • Geologic Time Table
  • Living Fossils
  • Tower of Babel
  • Fossil Anomalies
  • Modern Classification of Dinosaurs
  • quizzes, comprehensive exam, answer key
  • 247 color and 49 black and white photographs, illustrations, and graphs


Audience: Grades 8-12.  Designed to be a semester study.
Page count: 180 page
Format: Soft cover
Color: Color textbook

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1 review for Fossils, Dinosaurs, and Cave Men: A Biblical View Book by Patrick Nurre | NT – Paleontology

  1. Amanda Hopkins

    How do you look at dinosaurs and keep a Biblical Worldview? We know they existed because of the fossils, but what role do they play and how do we teach our children about them? Patrick Nurre has put together a wonderful curriculum, Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men that will do just that.

    Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men – The Kit contains everything you need to give your high school child a full semester study on Geology. You will have the 180-page soft cover textbook which has 247 color and 59 black and white photographs in it. There are quizzes and a comprehensive exam included in the textbook as well as an answer key. To go with the textbook, you will also get 30 fossil specimens. Now, these are not replica fossils. I personally emailed and asked Patrick about the fossils and each fossil is the real deal!

    There are 11 lessons which start at the beginning, travel through the Genesis Flood, the Dinosaurs and ends with the Biblical History of Man. Each lesson, if following the suggested schedule, will take about a week and a half to two weeks to complete. You start with a simple study of vocabulary words. You can have a separate section in a notebook to keep the words and definitions. After this, you will move forward to reading the lesson.

    The next couple of days will be spent reading the text again, highlighting key points, making an outline and working on the activities. The activities range from researching to hands on looking at the fossils that are included. While it was fun to learn about the Biblical view of the dinosaurs, the actual hands on touching and feeling of the fossils took this learning to a whole new level.

    After thoroughly studying the lesson, there is a simple quiz to finish it all up. These range in from one to five questions that will check on the comprehension and understanding of the topics covered in the lesson. These questions require writing versus multiple choice or true/false. This really made it easy to tell what was being learned versus what was being guessed. The Final Test is a matching test, but this takes information from every lesson.

    This was a well-loved curriculum in our house. Everyone loved touching fossils and my oldest was in charge of teaching the younger ones about each one. This really helped him with his retention, and they loved having a teacher besides me! Every question that has been in the house about dinosaurs and the bible were answered by this curriculum. We will be using this over and over again in the upcoming years. Something this fun and hands on in this kind of way makes learning worth it!
    From The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, March, 2017

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