Geology & The Flood Trilogy DVD Series

Join David Rives and geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling as they explore geological dating methods and the catastrophic effects of the global flood in Noah’s day.


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Geology & The Flood Trilogy DVD Series

The Flood: Fossils & Rocks DVD

If a global flood really happened, what would the evidence be? Are the massive rock layers and millions of fossils that we see all around the world a testament to the global flood account as recorded in the biblical book of Genesis? Can we take God’s Word, the Bible, literally when we read it? Did Jesus believe in the Global Flood? What geological evidences do we find that point to the truth of God’s Word? Learn answers to all of these questions and more in this DVD. – The Flood: Fossils & Rocks with David Rives and geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling.

Dr. Andrew Snelling has a Ph.D in geology from the University of Sydney in Australia. He is a speaker and researcher for Answers In Genesis and has written several books on the subjects of Creation and Geology.

Reshaping The Earth DVD

“The world that then was…perished.” What was this world like? How was Earth catastrophically reshaped by the global flood in Noah’s day? What mechanisms were used in this world-altering disaster? Could the Biblical Flood cause this chain reaction? Learn answers to all of these questions and more in this DVD as David Rives and geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling look at the theory of catastrophic plate tectonics.

“That’s the problem the evolutionists have got. How do you get the ocean waters covering the continents once, let alone many times?” – Dr. Andrew Snelling –

“The flood geologists have come up with this idea called catastrophic plate tectonics. It’s the same plate movement that the uniformitarians/slow and gradual geologists talk about, but we’re talking about catastrophically during the flood.” – Dr. Andrew Snelling –

“The present isn’t the key to the past. The past is the key to the present [in accordance with biblical history]… What happened in the past explains the present.” – Dr. Andrew Snelling –

Geology and Dating Methods DVD

The Bible claims that God created everything about 6,000 years ago. How does that line up with what we find in geology? Learn how rocks are dated and the science that proclaims a young universe.

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