Global Warming Pocket Guide

Global warming is real, but is it primarily man-made? Get answers in Global Warming Pocket Guide featuring work from multiple authors.


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Global Warming Pocket Guide

Instant answers—quick reference guide

Global warming is real, but is it primarily man-made? This biblically based and thoroughly balanced view of “climate change” reveals that global warming is not a black-and-white issue. The message of this layman-friendly book is urgently needed in America, and the world.

This booklet is designed as a quick reference guide and includes

  • the top 5 claims of climate change alarmists,
  • eye-opening charts and graphs,
  • an overview of biblically-based environmental stewardship,
  • and bonus articles!

Get numerous copies of Global Warming Pocket Guide today! With chapters written by Ken Ham, Michael J. Oard, Melinda Christian, and Larry Vardiman, it will become a valuable resource in the days and months ahead as the climate debate continues to “heat up.”

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