“God’s Special Earth” (as seen on TV) and Signed “Wonders” Book




This is a copy of the beautifully hand-crafted sculpture of God’s Special Earth (as seen on TV, on the set of Creation in the 21st Century each week).

Message from David:
This sculpture in particular is special to me, because of the significance of our planet. We know from scripture that Earth was created to be inhabited. It was so special that God sent His only Son to Earth.

This breathtaking artwork renders our special Earth surrounded on either side by the Holy Bible. The Bible is open to encouraging passages of scripture engraved into the pages, which relate the message of salvation and “The Great Commission.”

When you purchase this globe from us, you support our ongoing efforts – not only the weekly television programs, but our entire outreach. We have been an encouragement to so many people through this ministry, and we would like to multiply those results as we move forward in a powerful way.

David Rives
‘The Heavens Declare the Glory of God’

Crafted by renowned sculptor Max Greiner Jr. and mounted on a handsome tapered walnut base, this fantastic conversation piece measures 6 inches tall and is sure to become a great addition to your art collection.

If you would like to be a blessing to this ministry, please consider this opportunity to support David Rives Ministries and receive one of these beautiful pieces, along with a signed copy of David’s full-color inspirational book “Wonders Without Number”.


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