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Homemade Music includes a combination of Buddy's personal favorites and some of the most-requested songs from his performances.



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Making Music with Buddy Davis

This high-quality production will play on any DVD player, but families with big HD screens will love both the image and the sound even more! Homemade Music includes a combination of Buddy’s personal favorites and some of the most-requested songs from his performances.

Buddy shares inspiring stories behind the songs and reveals that many were penned inside his cabin. Whether the story is about when he was a frightened teen in the U.S. military or biblical lessons to be learned from the majestic eagle, there is something for everyone. The songs are meaningful and the music rich.

As a special bonus, Buddy and his wife Kay reveal a dozen food formulas from Kay’s cabin kitchen. Whether it’s homemade noodles, mayonnaise cake, squirrel stew, or one of the other out-of-the-ordinary recipes, you’ll enjoy just reading them – even if you never attempt one in your own oven.

The Buddy Davis Homemade Music DVD is a compilation of these 15 music video favorites carefully prepared just for you.


  1. Singing with the Saints
  2. Soar
  3. I’ll Fly Away
  4. Come to the Ark
  5. He Makes Dreams out of Nothing
  6. Gus
  7. Forty Days and Forty Nights
  8. There’s No Doubt
  9. Send the Light
  10. I Can’t Imagine Me Without You


  1. If Heaven Had a Window
  2. When Dragons’ Hearts Were Good
  3. In the Presence of My Creator
  4. The Unicorns Went Poof
  5. We’re Created in the Image of God

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