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How did Noah do it?
With kid-friendly art by Rachel and Jacob, this cute story from John Mackay shows Noah’s obedience vs skeptics’ mockery of the Ark. Based on the question ‘How could you fit the dinosaurs on the Ark? It is cute, constructive, funny and fabulous teaching – a reminder that God never lies. It has the important punch line that we all should be like Noah ‘doing everything God commands us to do’ as we remember the Ark of Salvation, Jesus Christ.

Adam and Eve and the Monkeys in the Trees
This wonderful book from The Creation Guy John Mackay teaches young ones how very different we are from Monkeys and Gorillas, as it exposes the lie that we evolved from ape-like creatures. The devil works hard for our kids, so we must fight back harder. Kids love the beautiful illustrations by Steve and Sindy, combined with John’s humourous writing and rhymes.

Adam and the Dinosaurs
Discover the exciting things Adam learned when God told him to name all the animals – including the Monsters God made! Part of the Question Mark Series, this colourful new book by John Mackay is beautifully illustrated by Steve and Sindy Cardno, and is loads of fun in a thoroughly Bible-based story.

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