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This book bundle includes Carved in Stone, Chimps and Humans, The Fossils Still Say No, The Ice Age and Climate Change, and Rethinking Radiometric Dating.


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This book bundle is a collection of ICR’s In-Depth science book series and includes Carved in Stone, Chimps and Humans, The Fossils Still Say No, The Ice Age and Climate Change, and Rethinking Radiometric Dating.

Carved in Stone: 

Genesis records the history of a worldwide watery cataclysm that destroyed almost all land-dwelling creatures and completely reshaped Earth’s surface.  Cultures around the world retain the memory of this great deluge, but secular geologists insist it’s a myth – there never was a global flood.  But they’ve never looked at the rock record across multiple continents simultaneously.

ICR geologist Dr. Timothy Clarey does just this in Carved in Stone: Geological Evidence of the Worldwide Flood.  With an oil industry background, Dr. Clarey utilizes his understanding of oil well and seismic data to see what the rock strata actually reveal about Earth’s past.  Many people might be surprised by what he finds.

Rather than reflecting millions or billions of years, Earth’s rock record demonstrates that a global flood occurred just thousands of years ago.  Carved in Stone showcases the geological data compiled across North America, South America, and Africa, with more discoveries to come as Dr. Clarey works through the remaining continents.

Carved in Stone examines the sedimentary rock record continent by continent, layer by layer.  The data provide clear geological evidence of a year-long progressive flood just as described in the Bible.  Rock data do not lie.

Pages: 496

Chimps and Humans:

Evolutionists frequently claim that human and chimp DNA are over 98% similar. They need this percentage to support their hypothesis that humans and chimps shared a common ancestor three to six million years ago. Based on known mutation rates, anything significantly less than a 98.5% similarity would destroy the entire theory.

But the more that DNA sequencing technologies improve, the worse it gets for the evolutionary paradigm.

With a background in the field of genetics and genomics, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins analyzes the data and discovers that secular scientists consistently tailor their research to fit the evolutionary narrative.

He presents his own research demonstrating that instead of a 98+% similarity, human-chimp genome matches are about 84% – results that secular scientists are beginning to echo.

In Chimps and Humans: A Geneticist Discovers DNA Evidence That Challenges Evolution, Dr. Tomkins dismantles evolutionary assertions of a close human-chimp relationship. Showing that not only are the human and chimp genomes not almost identical, they are too far apart to make a common evolutionary ancestor even remotely plausible.

Pages: 192

The Fossils Still Say No:

In 1972, Dr. Duane T. Gish, one of the original champions of modern creationism, published Evolution: The Fossils Say No, which rocked the scientific world. The book exposed deep problems in evolutionary theory, one of the most important of which is the fossil record’s pervasive lack of support for macroevolution.

Evolution implies that we should see thousands, if not millions, of transitional fossils showing a gradual change of simple creatures morphing into increasingly more complex forms. What we actually see is the sudden appearance of highly complex creatures in even the lowest rock layers.
In The Fossils Still Say No: Paleontology of the Global Flood, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins builds upon the groundwork Dr. Gish laid by integrating the fossil record with stratigraphic data. Combining up-to-date fossil evidence with ICR’s ongoing geological research, he provides a more complete picture of Flood paleontology and what it means.
Join Dr. Tomkins as he sifts through the fossils layer by layer to show— yet again—that the fossils say no to evolution and yes to a progressive global flood.

Pages: 144

The Ice Age and Climate Change:

In recent years, Christians have become more alarmed over climate change. Both secular and Christian voices have urged them to heed the “all-but-unanimous scientific consensus” on the issue.

But is that consensus based on solid science? What is the evidence that climatologists use to reach their conclusions? And do we really need to take drastic action to stave off impending disaster?

ICR physicist Dr. Jake Hebert carefully examines climate science and research in search of answers to these questions and finds flawed theories, circular reasoning, and conclusions based on outdated data and uniformitarian preconceptions. He also finds a key in the Bible for understanding where we are in the debate.

Different assumptions about Earth’s past lead to different explanations for Earth’s present. Secular scientists point to climate swings over billions of years that resulted in several major Ice Ages. But instead of multiple Ice Ages over eons, the evidence points to one Ice Age that resulted from the global Flood and lasted just hundreds of years.

The Ice Age and Climate Change: A Creation Perspective explores the evidence and argues that Christians have good biblical and scientific reasons to reject climate change alarmism.

Pages: 304

Rethinking Radiometric Dating:

How old is Earth? In secular circles, the age is believed to be around 4.54 billion years. This number is used so often that most people accept it as a scientific fact.

Radiometric dating is an important key to the deep-time age estimate for Earth. Various methods use radioactive elements and their decay products to date rock samples from around the world in the hundreds of millions of years. But is radioactive dating valid?

With decades of experience in top nuclear physics laboratories, Dr. Vernon Cupps tackles this question from a scientific and biblical perspective. He shows how radiometric dating methods make assumptions that cannot be verified and examines the significant problems with the radioactive dating methodology currently employed by secularists.

The first entry in ICR’s In-Depth Science series, Rethinking Radiometric Dating goes into detail about the major radiometric dating methods, including potassium-argon, rubidium-strontium, uranium-lead, and others. Dr. Cupps also examines thermoluminescence dating, Earth’s magnetic field, radiohalos, zircons, radiocarbon dating, and soft tissue in fossils to uncover what the evidence actually reveals about Earth’s age.

Pages: 144

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