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This pack contains both the Inspiration from Creation DVD presentation by Stuart Burgess and the book by Stuart Burgess & Dominic Stratham.

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Inspiration From Creation: How Engineers are copying God’s Design Book & DVD Set

The DVD:

Design engineers are copying designs from the natural world. Nature contains an abundance of brilliant design solutions. The Bible teaches us that creation has a Designer who is perfect in knowledge. Professor Stuart Burgess demonstrates that creation, not evolution, is responsible for the supremely designed world around us.

In this fascinating illustrated presentation, Professor Stuart Burgess introduces us to the world of bio-inspiration, where scientists develop new technologies by copying designs from nature. In a competitive world, engineers are looking to nature for new inspiration and designs to enhance the technologies of our civilization. As an engineer for over 35 years, designer, and university professor of design, Dr. Burgess understands the complexity of the design process. Contrary to the evolutionary view that predicts sloppy design in nature, scientists are finding amazing design solutions-which supports the biblical view of supreme design in nature. Dr. Burgess shows some of his own research projects inspired by God’s designs. So listen up, learn and enjoy!

Details for Inspiration from Creation DVD

Format: DVD
Audience: High School – Adult
Presenter: Stuart Burgess
Length: 65 minutes

The Book:

By Stuart Burgess & Dominic Stratham

The natural world shows evidence of stunning design! This book shows the extent to which human technology, in fact, falls behind in comparison. Examples are given of how engineers are improving man-made products by copying principles used in nature. These engineers show how this points to the living world itself having been designed by a Creator God. The inability of the Darwinian process to produce such complex design is explained and alleged claims by evolutionists of poor design in nature are refuted. The book includes many helpful illustrations.

Additionally Stuart Burgess has a video presentation of “Inspiration from Creation”. You can find that here and you can find both the book and the video together here.

Details for Inspiration from Creation book:

Format: Paperback
Page count: 129
Audience: Highschool – Adult

About the Authors

Professor Stuart Burgess
Biomimetics, Engineering (UK)
Professor Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University, Cambridge University and Liberty University in the USA. At Bristol University he was appointed Head of Department three times between 2004 and 2011. He has worked for the European Space Agency and was the lead designer for the solar array on the world’s largest civilian earth-observation spacecraft (Envisat). Professor Burgess also led the design and testing of the chain drive for the British Olympic Cycling Team who won a record six gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Stuart was invited to exhibit this work at the Royal Society (National Academy of Sciences) in the UK in 2017 where it received national publicity. He has published over 160 scientific papers on the science of design in engineering and nature.

Dominic Stratham
B.Sc., D.I.S., M.I.E.T., C.Eng.
Dominic is a Chartered Engineer and graduate of Loughborough University in the UK. He has extensive experience of both manufacturing and product development and holds a number of patents. As an employee of Rolls Royce, he worked on projects for the Panavia Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon and, as an employee of GKN, engineering drivelines for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. He is a speaker and writer for CMI-UK/Europe and the author of Evolution: Good Science? Exposing the ideological nature of Darwin’s theory.


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