Letting God Create Your Day Vol. 3 Book by Paul A. Bartz | CM – Devotionals

Creation Moments radio program is arranged with Scripture references and prayers for use in family devotions or for Sunday school lessons.


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Many are your Wonderful works!

God has designed microbes that dispose of hazardous wastes, including radioactive waste and CFC’s!

The hornet’s body is a living solar cell- it takes six hornets, wired together in series, to generate enough electricity to run a digital watch.

Studies show that teaching abstinence to young people does reduce teen pregnancy rates.

Sea lions have been trained not only to do scientific research on themselves, but also other animals- including videotaping whales in the ocean depths.

Scientists have discovered that plants can see and react to their environments, just as mammals do.

Polar bear fur is not white! It’s actually transparent!

While the male wasp can only produce female offspring, the female has complete control the sex of each of her offspring.

Recent amazing discoveries include Joshua’s altar, described in Deuteronomy 27:2-8, and the bones of Caiaphas the high priest.

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