Many Kinds of Feet by David Rives and Dr. Jobe Martin | Wonders Without Number Video

What makes the feet of these animals so special? Learn about the incredible design of the foot, as Dr. Jobe Martin and David Rives talk about several strange animals with even stranger feet in Many Kinds of Feet Video.




Many Kinds of Feet

See how the feet of all animals and humans display the wonder of God’s design.

Learn about the design in the feet of Elephants, Horses, Geckos, Camels, Penguins, Aye Ayes, and even stranger creatures in this TWO-PART episode as Dr. Jobe Martin and David Rives take us on a journey into the wonder-filled world of God’s creation in feet. Dr. Jobe Martin was formerly a dentist for the Presidential flight crews of Air Force One and had his private dental practice in Houston, TX. While a professor at Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Martin became a young earth creationist. HIs family now has a full-time ministry, Biblical Discipleship Ministries. Dr. Martin has done some astounding research on incredible animals that proclaim creation.

“To think God thought all that up before there was anything… He speaks it into existence, and it all works.”
– Dr. Jobe Martin –

Two Part Episode – Total Running Time Approx. 53 Minutes

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